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August 2017 IPSY

I’m back with another What’s in my Ipsy! These are my favorite posts, and I absolutely love sharing what I got in my bag each month. This month’s ipsy theme is “good vibes only” and there were actually 3 different bag possibilities which I thought was super cool because even if you peek at what samples you’re getting, the bag is a surprise.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of my bag this month (and it’ll probably be donated), I think the idea of having a surprise bag is super cool.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

My first sample this month is this First Aid Beauty cleanser. I always say this, but I love when ipsy includes a high end brand! This is specifically for oily skin, which means that ipsy actually customized this to my beauty profile! This cleanser is allergy tested, safe for sensitive skin, and vegan so I’m super excited to try this out!!

Glamour Dolls Romantic Rose Blending Brush

This is a $4 brush from the brand Glamour Dolls and it is an eyeshadow blending brush. This is also cruelty free and vegan. As you can see, mine came bent, but I’ve contacted ipsy support to see if they can send me a replacement. The bag was way too small for a brush to fit into, and I wish they would’ve put it in the mailing envelope instead of jamming it into the bag!

Pacifica Coconut Blush Duo

This is a blush duo from Pacifica which is an awesome brand because they use super natural ingredients. These blushes are actually coconut infused which is super unique. Also, these pans are huge! I’m pretty sure these are full size blushes which is so impressive!

Make Up Forever Excessive Lash Mascara

I’ve heard really awesome things about this mascara, and I’ve never actually tried a mascara from Make Up Forever, so I’m really happy to get this sample.

Paula Dorf Cosmetics Mini Universal Brow Pencil “Taupe”

I don’t know anything about this brand at all, and they actually didn’t even have this brow pencil on their website for me to do research on, which I thought was kind of weird. I won’t be using this Brow Pencil because I typically prefer pomade so this will be passed on.


I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in this month’s ipsy bag! Did you love your ipsy this month? Did you get any of the same products as me? Let me know in a comment down below! I’ll see you next time!


July Ipsy Unboxing

I'm back with another ipsy bag, and this time we're getting into my July goodies!

I honestly hate this month's bag design so much, and this is going straight to Goodwill. I prefer when ipsy sends out bags with cute patterns that I can put into my purse as a little makeup bag, so goofy designs like this one really bother me. It's totally cool if that's your thing, but I personally don't like it!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Cleanser

I actually almost bought this cleanser about a month ago, so I was so excited when I saw that I would be getting this as a sample this month! Although this sample is kind of teeny, I like that ipsy included it!

Seraphine Botanicals Lychee + Gold Blush

This is such a pretty blush color! It kind of reminds me of theBalm's Frat Boy blush but with shimmer in it.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet

I was excited to try this moisturizer, but I'm super annoyed at how little product came in this tube! This is halfway empty!! What gives, ipsy? 

Beau Gachis Illuminator Brush

I'm planning on using this brush as an undereye setting brush instead of a highlighting brush, but I'm super excited that I got another brush, and I've been really impressed with the Beau Gachis line.

OFRA Eyeshadow "Victory"

This is a super dark brown coppery shade, and it's not something that I'm ever going to wear. If I'm reaching for a dark brown, it's going to be matte. So for that reason, I'm going to probably just pass this on.


I hope you enjoyed seeing this month's ipsy bag and all of the samples I got. This wasn't my favorite, but the blush and the face wash are pretty exciting. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'll see you next time!

May Ipsy Unboxing 

Happy May! I’m here to show you what I got in this month’s ipsy bag! If you’re new to my blog and haven’t seen any of these posts from me before, I have almost a full year’s worth of ipsy unboxings that you can go and check out! Without further ado, let’s get into my samples for this month!!

The bag this month is clear with these cute ice cream cones all over it. I actually really like it, and I’m going to get a lot of use out of it this summer. This would be so cute for a pool bag!

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter “Sin”

I’m always so happy to see a sample from a high end brand like Urban Decay! I think everyone received one of their highlighters this month, and mine is in the shade Sin. This is a super pretty light champagne color highlight, and even though the pan is kind of tiny, I’m going to put this in my ZPalette and I’m sure I’ll get a ton of use out of it.

Jelly Pong Pong Eyeshadow Duo “Electric” 

This is a cream eyeshadow duo from the brand Jelly Pong Pong. I like the nice neutral colors, but I’m not the biggest fan of cream shadow, so I don’t know how much use I’m going to get out of this sample.

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen 

Next up is a pretty decently sized black eyeliner from Pixi. I love that they included another more expensive brand this month, but I am getting kind of sick of getting eyeliner pencils in my ipsy bag. I think I’m going to go onto my beauty profile and request that I don’t get liners anymore because I really love the Kat Von D liner, and I don’t particularly want to try out anything new. I’m also having a hard time using up the liners that I already have in my collection at the moment, so I would like to not get any more for a while. ALSO, this is two months in a row that I’ve gotten a black eyeliner.

Adesse Nail Polish “Surfer Girl”

This nail polish is a super pretty robin’s egg blue color, and I love this shade so much for spring! (Also shout out for including a full size nail polish this month!!) I’ve received a couple of nail polishes from this Adesse brand in past ipsy bags, and from what I can remember, they’re a pretty good formula. I’m super excited to get this on my fingers and toes for the last few weeks of spring!

Caked Makeup Lip Fondant “Low Key”

This is a liquid lipstick from the brand Caked Makeup, and the shade looks like a nude mauve-purple color. On the lips, it’s actually a lot darker than the swatch here. I’ll have to test this guy out a few times before I can give my full thoughts on it.


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I got in my May 2017 ipsy bag! Do you subscribe to ipsy? Did you get any of the same products as me this month? Let me know in a comment down below! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and I’ll see you next time!

April Ipsy Unboxing

I’m back with another ipsy bag to show you today!! This is definitely my favorite series on my blog, and I’m SUPER excited about this month’s bag. I feel like ipsy has outdone themselves the last couple of months, and I’ve been loving all of my samples! Let’s get into it! 

I will say that I really don’t like this month’s bag, and I’m definitely going to be donating it. I think that ipsy does a good mix of fun and silly patterns along with solid prints, and I do appreciate the diversity. However, I prefer the solid bags and I’m not really into the themed ones, so this is going to be passed on. 

Ofra Cosmetics Blush “Rendezvous”

The first item this month is this blush from Ofra in the shade “Rendezvous”.  This is a really dark neutral color, and I think this is the most beautiful mauve color. 

Em Cosmetics Illistrative Eyeliner

Next up I got a black liquid liner from the brand EM Cosmetics. I believe this is Michelle Phan’s makeup line, and I know she’s the one who started ipsy so I’m honestly kind of surprised that this is the first time I’ve received something from her line. I think this eyeliner looks really nice, and I always love getting basic black liquid liners in subscription boxes, so I’m sure I’ll get some use out of this. 

Skin&CO Truffle Therapy Face Toner

Next I have a product from SKIN&CO Roma and this is their Truffle Therapy Face Toner. The description of this product says that it has truffle, calendula, rose, and rosemary extracts. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but the product itself smells so good!! I’m hoping this will do nice things for my skin. 

Hikari Cream Shadow “Honey Dew”

I got another cream shadow from the brand Hikari, but this one is in the shade “Honey Dew”. This is a super pretty shimmery champagne color, and I think this will be nice to have for an all over every day color. 

Besame Mucho lip balm

Last up this month is the Besame Mucho lip balm from the brand Hey Honey. This has shea butter and propolis (which is apparently an antibacterial and hydrating extract from beehives). I love this lip balm so much already!! I like that it’s in a lipgloss type tube instead of being a normal stick balm, and it smells wonderful and is very slippery and moisturizing. 


I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in this month’s ipsy! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I’ll talk to you real soon! 

March Ipsy Unboxing (Best One Yet?!)

I’ve got another ipsy unboxing for you today! I’m super excited about my March ipsy, and I gasped out loud when I saw the sneak peek for some of these products. This might just be the best ipsy bag I’ve gotten in a while! Let’s get into this month’s samples.

The theme of this month is Tres Jolie which is french for “very pretty”. The bag for March is this beautiful dusty rose color. I actually love this months bag, and I love that it’s an XL version of the typical bag when you unfold it (but am I the only one that feels like this should have been the February bag because it’s way more Valentine’s Day looking than the denim one we got?!). 

Beau Gachis Tapered Blending Brush

I always get super excited when I get makeup brushes in subscription boxes, and I think this brush will be the perfect size to use for highlighter! It’s super soft and I’m already loving it after only using it once! 

Chella Eyebrow Highlighter Pencil “Ivory Lace”

This is probably an item that I won’t end up using myself, but I’m still excited to try it out. I don’t typically like these kind of brow highlight pencils, but I’ll definitely give it a go and see if it helps me get that sharp defined “Instagram brow” look that’s super popular right now.

Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Blush “Kitty Pink”

Blush is one of my favorite samples to receive, and this color looks like it’s a super beautiful natural pink color. It’s as if a dusty mauve blush met a pinky coral blush and this blush is the perfect combo of both. This is just slightly different from anything else that I have in my collection, and I’m really loving it! 

Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint “Rosè”

I was so excited to see a Tarte liquid lipstick in this month’s bag! I haven’t tried this product before, and I loved all three of the colors that this came in this month (nude, rosy pink, and deep red). I was super excited to get the nude, and I’m even more excited to test it out! 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer

I absolutely love this moisturizer! This is one of my all time favorites, and I actually still have a travel sized tube of this from a 2015 ipsy bag that I haven’t entirely used up yet. I’m super excited to have a new one of these!


I hope you enjoyed seeing everything I got in my March ipsy!! I loved this months bag, and I’m so excited to use everything!! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time! 

February Ipsy Unboxing

I’m back with another ipsy unboxing! Today I’m going to be sharing the 5 samples that came in my February ipsy bag. February’s theme was “much love” and the bag itself is supposed to be inspired by “your favorite pair of jeans”. I’m personally not a huge fan of the whole denim trend, so this isn’t a bag I’m going to be keeping. Let’s get into the samples!

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish “$12 Latte”

One of my favorite nail polishes of all time is from Trust Fund Beauty, so I was super excited to see that I was going to be getting another full size nail polish from them. This month, ipsy sent out two different colors, and I ended up getting the brownish grey color. Although I’m not a huge fan of the color, I’m happy I got this one instead of the blue one they sent out. 

NYX Butter Lipstick “Lifeguard”

I’ve been dying to try the NYX Butter Lipsticks since they came out years ago, and I’ve just never gotten around to it. This month, ipsy sent out two different colors (a bright red and a darker vampy red) and I ended up getting the bright red color. While this isn’t something I’m probably going to get a ton of use out of, I’m really impressed that they sent out a full size lipstick. 

Bella Pierre Cosmetics Volumelash Waterproof Mascara

I was so excited to see that I was getting a full sized mascara this month! While I’m not the biggest fan of waterproof mascaras (because they’re so hard to remove) I actually kinda like this one! 

Hikari Cosmetics Cream Pigment Eye Shadow “Latte”

I’ve been super into using shimmery bold colors on my lid lately, and I was really looking forward to trying this cream pigment. I’ve popped the pan out and stuck it into my ZPalette, and I think this is going to be a super pretty “one shadow look” kind of color 

BeFine Food Skin Care Gentle Face Cleanser

I’m not the biggest fan of getting face cleansers in subscription boxes (thanks a lot Birchbox for ruining that for me) but I like how large this sample is! This seems like a more natural cleanser with sugar, mint, oats, and rice, so I’m really excited to use this! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in this month’s ipsy! Did you get any of the same products as me? Thank you so much for stopping by!! 

January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing

Today I’m going to be unboxing my January ipsy bag! I peeked at my samples as soon as they became available on the ipsy app (shocker, I know) and this definitely isn’t my favorite month from ipsy. Not to mention that I didn’t receive it until the 18th of January! Let’s get into my samples for this month.

The theme for this month’s bag was “Metropolis” and the bag design is supposed to be inspired by skyscrapers. I’m not loving this month’s bag, but it’s definitely not the worst I’ve ever seen. I’d give this a solid 3 out of 5 stars. 

The first item this month is a blush from Manna Kadar in the shade “Paradise”. This is a really fun bright color, and I’m really loving brighter blush for the winter time! (Also, I’d like to note that they wrapped this in bubble wrap which means they didn’t have to replace hundreds of broken units (looking at you Birchbox) check out my Why I Cancelled Birchbox  post to hear about that disaster and you’ll know why it’s a big deal that ipsy invests in bubble wrap to properly ship their items). I would give this sample 5 stars since I don’t have any complaints and I love that it’s a large sample.

Next up I have another teeny sample from theBalm. This time I got their Bahama Mama bronzer. I really wish theBalm would give a sample big enough to get a brush into! The only thing I can pick up this product with is an eyeshadow brush, and I always get super annoyed when they send blush and bronzer samples because there’s no way I can actually try out the product as what it’s intended to be used for. Get it together Balm Cosmetics! 3 stars for sending a higher end brand and the fact that this is a good eyeshadow color, but I’m not happy about it.

I have this Coffee + Coconut Lip Scrub from Jelly Pong Pong. This doesn’t smell as great as it sounds like it would, but it does a good job exfoliating your lips, which is what it’s meant to do. 4 stars. 

Next up I have a loose pigment from Naked Cosmetics in the shade “Sunset”. I don’t typically reach for loose pigments or single shadows, but now that I have a sample of Too Faced’s Glitter Glue Primer, this might be something I’ll have to test out for special occasions to add a little bit of glam on a daily basis. 3 stars. 

Lastly for this month I have a nail polish topcoat from Ciate London. I was kind of shocked to see that this was a full sized top coat! I’m super excited about this gel top coat, especially because my current one is running low. 5 stars from me.

This month’s bag got a total of 22 out of 30 stars. Not too shabby! Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in this month’s ipsy!