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Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted Palette Reveal + My First Impressions! 

If you don’t follow Tarte on Instagram then you probably missed their sneak peek of the new Tartelette Toasted palette that’s launching this fall!! I screamed out loud when I saw the video on their Insta story, and I’m so excited for this palette to launch and to see some swatches!! I took a super quick screenshot of the palette, but it was kind of hard to get a clear view since it was a boomerang of them opening the palette. Here’s the shots I got:

Let’s go through the shades left to right starting with the top row! 

The top left hand corner shade looks like a nice all over base shadow in a bone color. Every palette needs one of these, so I’m glad to see that they’ve included one. The next shade over looks like more of a Champagne color, and I can’t quite tell if this is a shimmer or a matte. The video flashes so quickly! I can’t wait to see some swatches closer to launch time! The next shade over is a nice shimmery golden brown color, and the shade in the top right hand corner looks like a dark brown with gold glitter chunks (not too thrilled about this one honestly. I hate dark glitter shades!). 

The middle row on the left has a nice warm peachy brown and a reddish warm brown color next to that, both matte. The next shade is very clearly named Flame (one of the only names I can make out clearly) and it’s a warm brown/mauve shimmery color! Next to that looks like it’s called Cozy and it’s about the same shade as Flame but matte. These might be my favorite shades of the palette, and they bring the whole thing to a super warm vibe! 

The bottom row starts on the left with a shimmery light color, and this is going to be so pretty for the lid and inner corner! Next to that is a matte cooler toned brown, perfect for a crease shade! Next up is the shade Simmer which is a dark shimmery gold color, and finally we have Fireside which is a dark matte smoky brown color. 

All in all, I think this is an absolutely gorgeous palette, and the Tartelette in Bloom palette is my all time favorite so I will definitely be picking this up this fall!


What do you think of the new palette? Are you going to be picking it up?! Let me know your thoughts in a comment down below! Thanks so much for stopping by, lovelies!