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Why I Declutter My Makeup Collection (and why you should too) 

I wanted to share a quick post on something that I’m really passionate about: decluttering. Since the beginning of 2016 I’ve been decluttering and downsizing my makeup collection, my clothes, haircare, skincare, etc. (Most of my decluttering content lives over on my second blog Home, Budget, Blog, but I actually have a whole makeup decluttering series on this blog and you should definitely go check them out (part 1, part 2, part 3) to see some of the things I’ve gotten rid of over the last 6 months or so). The more I declutter, the more simplified and de-stressed I feel. Cleaning, getting ready, and organizing gets easier and easier. Let’s get into some of the benefits of decluttering your makeup collection.

1. Makeup expires

If you needed an obvious reason why decluttering is necessary, allow me to give you one. Makeup expires. At some point, you’ve got to throw away old and expired makeup to avoid eye infections and cold sores.

2. Things pile up

I tend to reach for what’s right on top when it comes to makeup. I have a really hard time remembering what I actually own if it’s piled under a bunch of other makeup products. It’s so much easier to use products and branch out your routine when you can see everything that you own.

3. Keep what brings you joy

The KonMari method of decluttering is all about keeping what brings you joy. If you buy a lipstick and find that you hate the way the color looks on you or the formula drives you crazy, every single time you look at your lipstick collection, you’re going to have that negative feeling when you see the shade you don’t like sitting there with all of your other lipsticks. Imagine what it would be like to look at your makeup collection and love every single item you see. Keeping only the products that you love and that bring you joy will make doing your makeup that much more enjoyable.

4. Staying away from consumerism

I’ve done a couple of Products I’m Not Going to Buy posts (part 1part 2) on my blog talking about makeup items that are super hyped that I’m not going to spend my money on. I think that makeup is a dangerous area to fall into the trap of constantly needing to buy new things because brands are always coming out with flashy new items and collections. You can easily be sucked into buying every single new thing on the market (not to mention the fact that makeup is super expensive!). Even if you don’t want to get into the whole “save the planet and limit waste” debate, we can all agree that consumerism isn’t good for your wallet.

5. Getting your money’s worth

Everyone knows that it takes forever to use up makeup. An eyeshadow palette or a powder blush will last you years and years if you own more than one. Makeup also has a relatively short shelf life, and things typically expire within 3-24 months depending on the product and formula. Because of these two combined factors, it’s really hard to use makeup up quickly enough to actually get your money’s worth out of the products. When you have less items, you’re more easily able to use things up.


I hope that I gave you at least one reason to go through your makeup collection and get rid of a few things. Let me know in a comment down below if you would be interested to see a full post about how to declutter your makeup collection and some things to look at and think about when going through your makeup and I would love to go ahead and make that post for you all! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to go and check out my Makeup That I’m Getting Rid Of part onepart two, and part three posts to see some decluttering! Thank you so, so much for stopping by my blog, and I’ll talk to you really soon!!


MORE Makeup That I’m Getting Rid Of – Makeup Declutter Series Part Three (BEST DECLUTTER YET?!)

I’m here with part 3 in my makeup declutter series! If you haven’t seen part one or part two of this series, definitely go check them out to see some more makeup collection decluttering goodness, but let’s go ahead and get into what I’m getting rid of in this round of products!

Studio Makeup On-The-Go Palette “Cool Down”

I got this palette in my November BoxyCharm box, and although I’m absolutely in love with the way the palette looks, I find that I just haven’t been able to get a practical look out of this palette, and I just have other palettes that I prefer over this one. While the quality is amazing (and I’ve been going back and forth for months now on whether I should depot the colors I like or give the whole palette away) I have to give this one up.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

I’m finally tossing out my Naked Basics palette. While I’ve loved this for so long, (I even used this on my wedding day!) I’ve had this palette for years and years and I know that the formula is starting to change. I also have every single color in this palette in almost all of my other palettes, so I went ahead and depotted the shade Venus to use as a highlight and I’m tossing the rest out. 

Bella Pierre Volumelash Waterproof Mascara

This was a product from my February Ipsy bag, and although I was so excited to be getting a full sized mascara, I really have no desire to try this because it’s waterproof. My coworker wears waterproof mascara every day, and I was so excited when she said she would take this product off my hands!

ELF Matte Lipstick “Tea Rose”

I was so excited about this lipstick, and I’m still super bummed that this color didn’t work for me (because the shade in “Natural” from the same line is one of my favorite lipsticks!). This is just too mauve toned for me, and it almost looks gray on my lips.

NYX Butter Lipstick “Lifeguard”

This was another product from my February Ipsy that I was so excited about. Not only was I shocked to see another full sized product in the bag, but I hadn’t ever tried the NYX Butter lipstick formula before. I wore this one time, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep it. If I’m going to reach for a bright red, it needs to be matte so I know it won’t be sliding and smudging all over my face, so this formula unfortunately just isn’t right for this color.

ColourPop Lippie Stix “Button” 

I like the formula of the satin lippie stix from ColourPop but the color of this shade is just way too bright coral for me. I’m going to go ahead and pass this on. 

Ciate London Liquid Velvet Lipstick “Diva”

This is a product from my November ipsy bag, and while I love the formula, the color is just a little bit too bright red for me. I’m hoping that someone will be able to get use out of all of these red lip products. 

Hikari Liquid Liner “Iris”

I got this in my December Ipsy bag, and I was so excited to be getting a full sized black liquid liner. Well it turns out that this is actually a purple shade, and I don’t like that it isn’t intense enough to really stand out against my mascara, so I’m going to hand this off to someone else. 

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter

I got this nude highlighter pencil in my March ipsy bag, and I knew that I wouldn’t like it when I fist got it. I did give it a shot, but I found that this really does blend out to nothing on the eyes. 

Eyeshadow Singles

I’m getting rid of 3 single shadows from my ZPalette since I got two products in my April Ipsy bag that needed to fit into it. I decided to toss out Verve and Suspect from the Naked 2 palette as well as this teeny Bahama Mama bronzer sample that I got in an Ipsy bag. I haven’t been reaching for these colors since I depotted them into my ZPalette, and I’m trying to be better about not holding onto shades just because they’re part of a palette or because they’re a nice neutral color. If I don’t use them, I need to toss them or pass them on. 

Sinful Colors Gray Nail Polish

I’ve had this polish forever, and I really love wearing dark gray colors in the wintertime, but I recently got a full sized polish in my ipsy bag that was a very similar color to this, and since this bottle is starting to get old anyway, I decided to keep the newer one and toss this one out.

Golden Pear & Brown Sugar Body Lotion

I’ve used up the full size shower gel and I’m working on the full size body spray in this scent, so I’m kind of burnt out on this set and I decided to go ahead and get rid of the lotion while it still has a lot of product left in it.

November 2015 Ipsy Bag

I’m finally going ahead and passing on some of my older ipsy bags that I don’t get a lot of use out of. I find that since I’m getting a new bag every month, if I kept every single one of them that I liked, I would be drowning in them before too long. This is such a cute pattern and I know one of my cousins will love this and get a lot more use out of it than I ever will.

November 2016 Ipsy Bag

I’m getting rid of this bag as well for the same reasons as the other one: I just don’t rotate it through my purse often enough to justify keeping it. While I do actually like this bag, this isn’t one of the ones that I love, and since I get a new one every single month, it only makes sense to keep the ones that I absolutely love from now on.  


I hope you enjoyed hearing about some more beauty products that I’m removing from my collection! I love doing this series, and I hope you enjoy following along to see some of the things that haven’t been working for me. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time!

Makeup That I’m Getting Rid Of – Makeup Declutter Series Part 1

I normally post decluttering blog posts on my second blog Home, Budget, Blog, but since this one is makeup related, I thought it fit better on my beauty blog (but if you like these kinds of posts, definitely go follow my lifestyle blog to see more of them in the future).

Today I’m going to be talking about makeup products that I’m getting rid of. I love minimizing and decluttering, and my makeup and toiletry collections are the easiest areas to declutter. I’m going to show you pictures of some of the items that I have set aside to pass on to someone else or items that I’ve thrown away because they’re old or expired. Let’s get into the decluttering!

Passing On

Fabuloso Toning Conditioner and Beauty Protector Toning Shampoo

If you saw my Why I Cancelled Birchbox  or my September Birchbox Unboxing, you’ll know that I was super annoyed when I got these products. I don’t color my hair anymore, and I haven’t ever colored it blonde, so a purple shampoo and conditioner is poinless for me. (Also the shampoo exploded in my box, so Birchbox sent me a replacement box which is why I have one shampoo and two conditioners).

Always Made With Love Hand Cream and Body Butter

I got these in a White Elephant gift exchange around the holidays, but if you’ve seen my second blog you’ll know that I’m trying to transition to more natural products with less harsh chemicals. Since these are kind of a generic gift set (and kind of a cheap brand) not only is the quality not so great, but they’re loaded with harsh (and cheap) chemicals, so I’m going to get rid of them. I have plenty of lotion anyway.

Misc. Makeup Brushes (ELF Eyeshadow C Brush, Vasanti Eyeshadow 2 Brush) 
These are some random makeup brushes that I hardly ever use anymore (or haven’t used at all in the case of the Vassanti brush).

Temptu Liquid Bronzer 

I got this product in a BoxyCharm and it’s way too dark for my skintone so I’m going to go ahead and give it to someone less pale than me.

Candy Cane Chapstick

This used to be my all time favorite lip balm, and since they only make it around the holidays, I bought 6 of them last year and have only used two of them all year so I’m going to go ahead and pass these two on before they expire so someone else can get some use out of them.

R+Co Dry Shampoo Paste 

I mentioned this in a Birchbox Unboxing, but this really doesn’t work well with my hair. I’m hoping someone else can get this to work because it’s a super cool product.

Starlooks Liquid Lipstick

This is a Liquid Lipstick that I got in a BoxyCharm but I know that I’m never going to wear this shade so I’m going to go ahead and pass it on while it’s still new.

OFRA Metallic Liquid Lipstick 

Another BoxyCharm liquid lipstick that is way too dark for my personal taste. I know someone will love this, just not me.

Hikari Eyeliner Pencil

This is a basic black retractable liner but I just prefer liquid liners these days, so I’m going to pass this one on to someone else.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “Milk”

I’ve had this product for almost a year and have probably used it twice. It think it’s time to pass this to someone who will actually use it before it goes bad.

Pacifica Bronzer

This is another bronzer that is way too dark for me, and I hate using single eyeshadows so I’m going to just pass this on.

IBY Beauty Trio

I got this in a BoxyCharm and I feel like I have these exact shades in every single one of my palettes, so I’m going to pass this on to someone who owns less makeup than me.

Lip Product Samples (Trestique, Pixi, Tarte) 

These are some lip product samples that I’ve received in ipsy and I know I’m never going to use. I’m giving these to my younger cousins to play around with.

Becca Ombre Nudes Palette 

I got quite a bit of use out of this palette but I really don’t feel like I need it anymore. I have these colors in all of my other palettes, so I’m going to pass this one on (or toss it since it’s pretty well used, I haven’t decided yet).

Misc. Nail Polish (Joshik “Luxe” and Formula X “Huntress”)

I got these nail polishes from Ipsy and they’re both just a little bit darker than I typically wear, so I’m going to go ahead and pass them on.

Misc. Jewelry 

I’ve got some more little pieces of jewelry that I don’t ever wear and I know that my younger cousins love getting stuff like this so I’m going to pass these on to them.


Previse Hydromilk Moisturizer 

I got this moisturizer in a subscription box over a year ago. I’ve been trying to force myself to use it up but I really don’t like it. It expires in February 2017 so I’m finally letting myself just toss it. There’s still a lot left, but this doesn’t leave my skin feeling moisturized, it doesn’t smell good at all, and I don’t want to use it.

Senstetive Skin BB Cream

This is such a small sample that I doubt any of my friends or family will want this so I’m going to just go ahead and toss it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some items that I’ve decluttered from my collection and I’ll be passing on to friends and family members! I actually have a part two in the works RIGHT NOW (crazy how much makeup I have to get rid of, right?! I don’t know how it accumulates so quickly!), so definitely follow my blog so that you’ll see it when it comes out! Thank you all so so much for sticking with me through this crazy long post, and I’ll see you all next time!

Starting a New Blog!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve started a new blog here on WordPress!! I’ve loved doing Disney Wife, but when I started it up, it wasn’t supposed to be a beauty blog at all (hence why the name is Disney Wife and not something makeup related lol). I’ve had so much fun doing the beauty blogging, but I also have a passion for more than just makeup. I love home decor and cleaning, decluttering and organizing, and budget and finances as well. Ever since Disney Wife started gaining more and more followers who loved my beauty related content, I’ve felt like all of my other interests needed a different home.

I’m so excited to be launching my new lifestyle blog over at Home, Budget, Blog!! Definitely follow me over there if you’re interested in seeing decluttering, organizing, cleaning, home decor, recipe, budget/finance, and money saving tips posts! (As well as marriage advice, pregnancy posts, and children/family related posts in the next several years when we start our family!)

I’m so grateful for all of you who have liked and commented on my posts as well as followed my blog here on Disney Wife, and I can’t wait to see you all over on Home, Budget, Blog to talk about a whole new set of topics! Thank you all so much for your love and support over the last few months! XOXO

Finish 5 By Winter Project Pan – Update #2 

It’s just past the 21st of November which means there’s only one month left until the end of my Project Pan! I’m now 2/3 of the way done with this project, and I’ve got some good progress (and some not so good progress) to share with you today. If you missed my intro explaining what project pan is and explaining why I chose the products I did, you can check out my Finish 5 by Winter Project Pan intro post . If you missed my first update, you can go check that out as well! Without further ado, let’s jump into the products!
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I’ve had some awesome progress with this concealer, and I’m so close to finishing this up! This will for sure be done by December 21st, and I’m so excited to be able to move it out of my collection!

Milk Lip + Cheek Stick 

I went ahead and depotted my Milk cream blush into an old concealer jar, so you’re not going to be able to see any progress with this unfortunately. I wish I would’ve thought to do this from the beginning of this project, but it was starting to get hard to get my brush into the product with it in the tube.

Nivea Lip Butter

I’ve been reaching for this lip balm every single day, and I feel like I’ve made so much progress with it, even though it doesn’t really look like it. My lips have been super dry with the colder weather, so I’m hoping to use up a lot more of this in the last month of this project.

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade

I’ve made some awesome progress with my DipBrow, and I’m super excited about the amount I’ve been able to use up in the last month. I would be totally fine ending this project with how much I have left in this pot as of right now, so any amount I use in the last month will be a bonus for me.

Makeup Forever Artist Natural Lipstick 

I’m so embarrassed to say that I haven’t used this lipstick at all since the last update. This is definitely the fail product from this project, and I’m pretty much 100% sure I won’t finish this up at this point. I’m going to try to work on it as much as I can remember to pull it out, but honestly at this time of the year my lips are dry and wanting a lip balm over a lipstick, so we’ll see if I get any use out of this.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my second Project Pan update!! I’ve been having so much fun using up all of these products, and I’m really hoping that you’ve been enjoying seeing my progress with all of them as well! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Products I’ve Used Up – November Empties!

I’m back with another empties post today talking about all of the things I used up during the month of November and giving my mini review on whether or not I would repurchase the product. I’m cutting November’s empties off early (normally I would let everything accumulate throughout the whole month and post the empties on the very last day of the month) because my empties post would be crazy long if I kept accumulating.


L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Waterproof Mascara

I absolutely loved this mascara, and it’s been my go-to summertime waterproof mascara for a long time. I wore this as a base mascara for my wedding day, and when I finished applying it I honestly didn’t even feel the need to layer any other mascaras on top of it. My lashes looked so long and perfect! I ended up not even needing to wear falsies.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

I finally scraped the last little bit of this concealer out of its tube and purchased another one. I love the coverage this gives both under my eyes and on any blemishes. The doe-foot applicator makes it so quick and convenient in the morning to apply my concealer. I definitely recommend this one if you haven’t tried it.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

This is my holy grail foundation! I love the staying power on my oily skin, the coverage that it has, and the way that it wears throughout the day. This is the foundation that I always end up coming back to.

Softlips Vanilla Cube Lip Balm

I loved the scent of this lip balm, and the thin texture of it was absolutely amazing to put on before I started doing my makeup every morning. This lip balm actually took me forever to use up because once I wore down the dome shape, the entire pot at the bottom was filled with product too! This lasts forever, and I’ll totally repurchase as soon as I use up some more lip balms.


Marc Anthony Argan Oil Conditioning Treatment

I was so sad to finish up this conditioning treatment that I got in my September ipsy. I really loved the smell of this, and this absolutely made my hair the softest it’s ever been. I’ve been looking all over for another bottle of the deep conditioning treatment, but so far all I can find are foil packets. But I’m definitely planning on purchasing this stuff as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Hairgurt Strawberry Banana Hair Masque

Another product I was super sad to finish was this Hairgurt hair masque that I got in my  September BoxyCharm. My hair responds really well to deep conditioning treatments, and this product was no exception.


Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser

This bottle of Morning Burst took me so long to use up! This used to be my holy grail face wash for years and years, but I’ve come to the conclusion recently that this stuff is actually just “okay”. I feel like it’s such a basic cleanser and doesn’t really do anything for your skin. I’ve switched over to a Simple cleanser, and I’m liking it a lot more than I ever liked this Clean & Clear one. (The Morning Burst cleanser is rated 1 star on Paula’s Choice due to the ingredients while the Simple cleanser is rated 5 stars, so it’s a lot better for my skin anyway).

Clarisea Charcoal Exfoliant 

This was a loose charcoal powder that you can add to face or body wash to add some exfoliant. My hubby absolutely loved this stuff! He likes super harsh exfoliators and I like regular facial cleansers, so this was a perfect compromise for us because I’m able to buy the cleanser I want and he can just add this in.

Bonvivant Botanical Masks

I used two out of the three face masks that I received in my November ipsy bag. I thought these are about the same as any other sheet mask I’ve ever tried, nothing too special in my opinion.


 Chesapeake Bay Candle “Pumpkin Spice” 

I mentioned this candle in my October favorites, and I really loved the pumpkin scent this had. I wouldn’t say this is a candle that fills the room with scent, but I really liked that it wasn’t strong enough to give me a headache. I got this candle from Target on clearance for $6!

Bath & Body Works Honolulu Sun Hand Sanitizer 

I finally finished up the last of my back stock of hand sanitizers. Now that I don’t have anymore in the old packaging, I definitely need to take a trip to Bath & Body Works to pick up some more sanitizer.

Avène Thermal Spring Water 

I finished up this spray water, and I actually really enjoyed this product. It was super nice to keep in my makeup bag for wetting my eyeshadow brush when I wanted to foil an eyeshadow.

Bath & Body Works Suncrisp Apple Harvest Shower Gel 

This was a scent from fall 2015 that I finally finished up this fall! I love apple scents, and Bath & Body Works makes the best shower gel in the world! I’ve already got a different scent in my shower now.

That’s all I’ve got for this month! I hope you enjoyed this monthly empties post! I’ll see you next time!

Finish 5 by Winter Project Pan – Update #1 

I’m here with my first update for my Project Pan! If you missed my intro post, you can click right here to see what Project Pan is and which products I chose to use up. I started this project around October 2nd, so I don’t quite have a full month’s worth of progress, but the project ends exactly 2 months from today, so I thought I’d update you guys on how I’m doing!

Starting out with the Makeup Forever lipstick, to be completely honest, I’ve only used this product about 3 times since I started this project. I definitely want to focus on this more throughout the month of November.

I’ve definitely been seeing quite a bit of progress with my Milk Makeup blush stick, and I’ve been using it every single day since I started this project. I’m pretty impressed with where I’m at because cream blushes are so hard to use up. I’m hoping that this will be gone by my next update.

This Maybelline Age Rewind concealer is probably the product with the most progress as of right now. I went ahead and marked it so you can see where I started and where I’m at as of update number one (I realize that the marking looks a little off, but it’s just plastic on top of the line, kinda hard to see in the picture though because of the awkward angle I took it at. My bad!) I’m really hoping to be almost finished with this by my next update.

I can see a lot more pan on my Anastasia DipBrow Pomade after about a month of using it. I’m getting a little bit worried that this might not be completely used up by the end of this project, but fingers crossed I can clean out the jar.

And last but not least, we have my Nivea Lip Butter. I’m actually doing a lot better with this than I thought I would. There’s still a ton of product to finish in 2 months, but I’ve made some awesome progress, and I’ve remembered to use this every day (sometimes multiple times a day) since I started this project!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my first update on my Finish 5 by Winter Project Pan! Wish me luck on continuing to use these products, and don’t forget to check back next month to see my progress!! Thanks for stopping by!