Why I Won’t Purchase From Benefit Cosmetics Anymore

Today I’m going to be doing a VERY different type of post than normal, and I’m going to be talking about why I won’t purchase from Benefit Cosmetics anymore. I think it goes without saying, but this is just my own personal opinion and I’m not here to offend anyone or try to persuade you to agree with my opinion, I’m just expressing some frustration with the brand to get it off my mind.

Benefit Cosmetics makes some super awesome products! I absolutely adore the Gimme Brow tinted gel, and it’s one of my holy grail products. I also really love their boxed face powders, especially their Coralista blush. There used to be so many items from Benefit on my wishlist, but I’ve since taken them off and decided that I’m not going to purchase from them anymore.

Why you may ask? Because I hate how Benefit (among other brands, but Benefit being the worst of all of them) handles their marketing. Benefit Cosmetics ranges anywhere from $24 to $46 USD for full size products. I honestly believe that these prices wouldn’t be so high if they didn’t spend so much money on their advertisement using internet influencers. Let me explain.

Benefit not only sends out PR packages to hundreds of people with hundreds of dollars worth of free product for them to show on their YouTube channels and social media accounts, but they also pay for mulit-thousand dollar trips to the Bahamas, Hawaii, and other tropical places where they take YouTubers and Instagrammers in hopes that they will show their products on social media.

I think that Benefit is ripping off their paying customers by throwing tons of money into free products, vacations, and other presents in exchange for positive reviews posted on social media. I think that these hundreds of thousands of dollars could be better put toward lowering the cost of the products or improving the quality of their existing line.

I hope that this explains and clears up why I won’t buy anything from Benefit anymore. I don’t think it’s right to give them my money so they can put it toward bribing social media personalities. (And yes, I realize that Benefit isn’t the only brand that pays for huge trips, presents, and free products. However, Benefit has been doing this for years and years and all of these things get more and more extravagant every time.)

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time!


One thought on “Why I Won’t Purchase From Benefit Cosmetics Anymore

  1. beautyonabudget94

    I love reading post, where I can see peoples honesty shining through. Tbh I hate when brand used influencers to push their brand, and boost their sales. The new box with the popular benefit produts, with several influencers on it honestly just annoys me. But I’ve just gotten used that this is the way a lot brands do things, and it’s working for them. So why wouldn’t they :/

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