ELF Nourishing Oil to Foam Cleanser Review

I’ve got a quick review on the ELF Oil to Foam cleanser today, and I’m really excited to fill you guys in on it because I actually really really REALLY don’t like this product.

I ordered this on ELF’s website, and the whole experience was honestly not very great. All of my products were just rolling around in a brown cardboard box with my crinkled sales receipt thrown on top. I wish they would add some bubble wrap or some packing peanuts or something to keep everything in the box, and I really wish that they would have added in a little card or pamphlet to give it a more personalized touch. But I get that it’s ELF and it’s cheap makeup, so I guess I shouldn’t have been expecting too much.

This was $10 from the ELF website, and this is honestly such a pricey product!! My Simple Moisturizing cleanser that I absolutely love from the drugstore comes with the same amount of product for just over $5, so this is literally two times the price of the cleanser I usually buy. On the up side, I absolutely love the packaging of this product! It is so sleek and minimal and I love the blue-green tint of the bottle. It definitely reminds me of the Clinique face wash both in the packaging and the scent of the product. Unfortunately, that’s about the only positive I have to mention today.

The ELF website lists this as the description for this product, “Infused with shea butter, jojoba, mango, and olive oil, this Nourishing Oil to Foam Cleanser nurtures the skin as it gently removes dirt, pollutants, and makeup. Get refreshed and healthy skin with every use.” I’ve used this product first thing when I step in the shower on a dry face to remove my makeup, as stated in the directions of the product. I’ve tried both applying the oil straight to my face and rubbing it around to lather as well as lathering the oil in my hands and then applying it to my face that way.

Since this says right in the description that this is for removing makeup, that’s the main purpose I purchased this for. However, this is HORRIBLE at removing makeup. Every single time I have used this to remove my makeup, I’ve had mascara smudges all over my eyes and nose and I’ve had leftover foundation and concealer on my under-eyes and chin. Even when I wash my face TWO TIMES back to back with this product, I still have makeup remnants all over my face when I get out of the shower. I always have to follow up with another product after I use this.

I wish that was the end of it, but we’re just getting started.

The actual application of this product is really difficult to work with. This comes out as a super liquidy water-like oil, and it runs right off my hand while trying to get my hand to my face to lather it up. I end up wasting a lot of product every time I use this because it’s just so liquidy. 

I also find that this leaves my skin feelig SUPER tight after I cleanse with it. I definitely have to follow up with a heavy duty moisturizer.

This does make my skin feel like I have a light film on my face. I really do feel like my skin is slightly tacky and sticky right after I wash my face with this.

So basically, this is the worst cleanser I’ve ever used. I love the packaging, but everything else about this is pretty terrible in my book. I wish I had a better review for this because I really was super excited to try this out, but now I’m stuck with a bottle of $10 cleanser that I’m never going to use again.


Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time!


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