Finish 14 By Fall – Project Pan INTRO (My Biggest Project EVER?!)

As one project pan wraps up, another begins! Doing these projects on my blog keeps me so motivated to work through my products, and I love taking the progress pictures and doing update posts! This is the biggest project I’ve EVER done, and I’m so nervous and excited for the challenge. I’m going to try to finish up 14 items by September 22nd which is the first official day of fall.

I’ve included some full size products all the way down to sample and foil packet sized products, and I’ve decided that I’m going to make this a ROLLING project pan, which meas that I’ll be adding in a product as soon as I use one up! Since I’ve got some challenging items here, I don’t want to lose focus and get discouraged if I’m not able to finish one, so I’m going to add in fresh new items so that I can get to that 14 item mark. 

1. Burt’s Bees Grapefruit Lip Balm

This is a carry over from my Products to Use Up in 2017 challenge, but since that is half way over, I needed to carry over a couple of items to help keep that challenge rolling along. This lip balm is just under the halfway mark, so it should be easy to get done by the end of this project (not to mention grapefruit is the perfect flavor to finish in the summertime so that I don’t have to carry it into fall).

2. ModelCo Lip Gloss

I’ve had this lip gloss sample for a year now, and I’ve only used it 3 or 4 times! It’s going to expire soon, and I want to get some use out of it before it does. I figured summertime would be the perfect season to use up a gloss.

3. Pan on any Chocolate Bar Shade

I want to hit pan on any shade in my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I’m guessing it’ll be in either white chocolate, milk chocolate, or marzipan at this point because they have the biggest dips in them! Hopefully I’ll be able to do all three if I really push it.

4. Pan on L’oreal Lumi Highlighter

This is hands down the HARDEST product I’ve ever had the idea to include in a project pan. I want to try super hard to hit pan on my BRAND NEW L’oreal Highlighter. If I can get a serious dip in this by the end of the project, I’m going to let myself buy the rose gold shade in this line which will be stunning for fall.

5. L’oreal Magic BB Cream

This is another new product that I’m going to try to power through. My skin is super oily, and this BB Cream is the most mattifying BB I’ve ever tried, but it’s still a BB and it still makes me shiny by the end of the day. I’m hoping this doesn’t make me into a disaster during the hot summer months. I’m really vibing with the lighter coverage that a BB Cream offers during the summer for a more natural dewy look, so I want to aim to use this up before fall rolls around and I start craving the full coverage matte look.

6. Be Fine Gentle Cleanser sample

I’m throwing in this completely full sample sized tube of the Be Fine Gentle Cleanser. I just barely cracked this guy open and there seems to be a lot of product in here, but I’m confident I can get this used up in the next couple of weeks since cleanser samples don’t take too long.

7. Rimmel Kate Lipstick

Yes, the Rimmel lipstick has returned into this project pan from my Products to Use Up in 2017 challenge. I think I’ve used this lipstick all of one time this entire year, so this really needs some work before the end of the year. The last thing I want is to be stuck wearing this and only this for months because I didn’t make enough progress with it early on.

8. ELF Foil Packet Duo

I’m throwing in this foil packet because I know it will never get used otherwise, but I’m counting it as one product. This duo came with a recent ELF order and it has their face primer on one side and an eye cream on the other. Even though these are single packets, don’t let it fool you into thinking this is an easy win! These have at least 10 or 12 uses on each side easily.

9. Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

I would really like to finish up an eyeliner since I already have a couple of backups and one to purchase in mind. I’m choosing this Ciate London one because it’s the one I’ve already been using for a while.

10. Skin & Co Truffle Toner

I really like this toner, and I want to make sure I use up the whole thing instead of letting it sit in my drawer half empty for months and months because I’m “saving it” (does anyone else do this?! You fall in love with a product and then let it go bad because you don’t want to go through the withdrawl of using it up…I’m a mess).

11. Beauty Protector Hair Oil

This is another sample that is going to sit in my drawer forever if I don’t use it up. I have a couple of leave in conditioner type products that need some love, but I’ve been neglecting them because I have so much hair oil to use up.

12. Ultra Repair Cream Sample

I’ve used this sample five or six times, and it may look like a small container that will be easy to use, but this moisturizer is THICK and you really only need the smallest amount of this to cover your entire face. I’ve had this tube for a long time and I just recently got another sample of this in an ipsy, so this needs to go! (If I’m being honest, this really isn’t an ideal product for summer since it’s such a heavy moisturizer, but I’m going to try to resist using other things and power through).

13. Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Soap

This isn’t makeup or beauty related, but I really want to get this used up and out of my bathroom! I’m REALLY not a fan of this scent from Bath & Body Works, and I don’t like the formula of this soap range either. This isn’t quite halfway done, so I don’t know how realistic this is to think I’ll finish it in 4 months, but I sure am going to try.

14. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer

I’m really not the biggest fan of this primer, and this is another product that I’m going to have a hard time with because of how long it takes to actually use up one of these. eyeshadow primers in general usually take me at least a year if not two to get through, so this is definitely ambitious to include in the project, but I want it gone!


I hope you enjoyed seeing what I included in this next project pan, and I hope you’ll stick around to see my updates and see how many of these items I’m able to finish up by September 22nd! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and thank you for your constant love and support on all of my posts! I’ll talk to you real soon!!!


4 thoughts on “Finish 14 By Fall – Project Pan INTRO (My Biggest Project EVER?!)

  1. beautybrainsxo

    This is such a good idea! I’ve been looking for an actual project to try and this one sounds just right for me! I only started project panning in February so I’m still learning but I love it! I think I’ll start it with my next project pan post.. Definitely following you so I can follow your updates!

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