My Top 5 Blushes 

Hello lovelies and welcome back to my Top 5 series!! Today we’re talking about my favorite makeup item to buy: blushes!! I own more blush than any other beauty product, and I’m super picky about colors and formulas. I have super pale skin so none of these are crazy bright colors, but they’re all super gorgeous natural colors for the every day girl! Let’s get into all of the beautiful blushes!!

5. Physicians Formula Butter Blush “Plum Rose”

This is a more recent buy for me, and I’ve been loving this blush (mostly for the incredible coconut scent let’s be honest). This is super buttery and creamy, and I love the color. I’m planning on doing a whole review post of this soon, so be sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss it!
4. ColourPop “Between the Sheets”

This is one of the products that I’m trying to use up in 2017 so I’ve gotten a ton of use out of this blush so I can honestly say that this is an awesome product. This is more of a cream formula (which is why this is number 4 and not number 1 because I don’t love cream products). I like to put this on right after foundation and then powder my face to sheer out the color a little bit. This really does stay on all day and I’ll totally be buying another ColourPop blush when this one is done.
3. DLS “Kitty Pink”

I got this blush in an ipsy bag, and I freaking love it! It is so crazy pigmented and gives such a nice peachy glow to my cheeks. I’d never heard of the Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics brand before I got this sample, but I would love to check them out and repurchase because I love the color of this product.
2. Too Faced “Baby Love”

If you’ve seen my Too Faced “Baby Love” vs. Tarte “Exposed” – Blush Review  then you’ll know that I love this blush to death! This gives such a natural flush to the cheeks with the slightest bit of glow. I love how creamy the powder is, and this is truly one of the best blushes at Sephora!
1. Tarte “Exposed”

My number one favorite blush of all time is Tarte’s Exposed!! This is a much drier formula, but the color is just so flattering and stunning on my skintone. I’ll repurchase this blush over and over for the rest of my life because it is seriously the perfect color for me (and for a TON of other people because this is such a huge best seller and is super flattering on so many skintones).


I hope you enjoyed seeing my top 5 blushes! What is your favorite blush of all time? Let me know in a comment down below! If you’ve missed any of my top 5 series, I’ve done eyelinersbrow productsface powdersfoundations, and mascaras so be sure you go check out all of the other posts! Thank you so so much for stopping by my blog today, and I’ll see you next time!


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