Physicians Formula Butter Blush Review! Is It Worth The Hype?!

I just recently picked up the Physicians Formula Butter Blush in the shade Plum Rose, and I really want to do a whole review post talking about whether or not I think it’s worth all of the hype that it’s been getting! 

I looked all over for a good deal on this blush, so I’m going to share the prices that I found. Ulta had this listed for $12.99, Target had it priced at $12.95, Walgreens had it for $12.95, and Walmart had it for $10.63. If you’re planning on getting multiple shades, wait for Ulta to have a buy one get one half off or a buy two get one free sale. If you want to pick up just one shade, DEFINITELY go to Walmart for this blush!! 

If you haven’t heard from all of the hype surrounding the MuruMuru Butter line from Physicians Formula (they started out with the bronzers and just recently added the blushes), the ENTIRE line smells like coconut and sunscreen and summer vacation! This seriously fills the whole bathroom with such an amazing smell every time I open it to put it on in the morning. 

This blush swatches so buttery, and the powder itself is so smooth and creamy! It’s also really pigmented, especially considering it’s such a subtle natural shade. I know there was a lot of reviews saying that you have to be super fair skinned in order for these blushes to show up on you, and I would have to agree with that. I’m super pale, so this blush is gorgeous on me and I love that it’s not too bright and pigmented on my pale skin (like a lot of blushes tend to be… It’s such a struggle to always have to use a light hand and be super careful not to put too much blush on). 

Overall, I love this blush and I’m dying to get my hands on a couple more shades. I wouldn’t say that this is my all time favorite blush line, but this is hands down the best formula at the drugstore! I highly recommend trying these blushes out. 


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! Have you tried these blushes? What have your thoughts been on them? Let me know in a comment down below! 


2 thoughts on “Physicians Formula Butter Blush Review! Is It Worth The Hype?!

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