My Top 5 Brow Products

Hello lovelies! We’re going to be talking about my top 5 favorite brow products today while we continue on with my top 5 series on my blog! I have everything from tinted brow gel to pomade to brow pencil and powder to chat about today, so let’s go ahead and get into everything I’ve loved to get my brows on fleek.

5. L’Oréal Brow Stylist Tinted Gel

I really loved the formula of this tinted brow gel when I tried it about a year ago, and I thought the brush was the most similar to the teeny Gimme Brow brush that I’ve ever seen at the drugstore (even closer than the Essence Make Me Brow which is supposed to be a direct dupe for the Gimme Brow). I would definitely repurchase this as long as I don’t get the light to medium color again. The color was so orange and weird and I couldn’t make it work with my brows, but it’s totally on my list to pick up the darker color and give this another shot.

4. Maybelline Define + Fill Brow Duo

I’ve absolutely loved the powder side of this Maybelline brow duo over the last couple of years! The pencil side wasn’t my favorite (mostly because I don’t like brow pencils) but the powder did an awesome job filling in my brows and it looked super natural. I would love to buy just the loose powder with the little sponge applicator if it was available (you should really get on that Maybelline) because I feel like it would be amazing for getting ready in a hurry.

3. Essence Make Me Brow

Oh my goodness, I’v been obsessed with the formula of the Essence Make Me Brow lately! Unfortunately, I feel like the brush is kind of scratchy if I’m trying to really dig this into my brows to add a lot of color. To get around this, I’ve started using the Gimme Brow wand with this product and I really love the way that makes my brows look and it applies just the right amount of product with the Benefit brush!

2. Benefit Gimme Brow

Speaking of the Gimme Brow, I absolutely LOVE this brow gel! I really wish this wasn’t so dang expensive, but I love how ashy this is (but ashy in a good way as in it has more of a grey undertone instead of the typical orange undertone so it makes my brows look super dark and blonde and wonderful). It gives my brows so much volume and keeps everything in place so well!! I also love that the formula is more matte than the typical brow gel so it really does add so much pigment and volume to your brows. This is the best for a quick defined brow when I don’t want to fuss with a bunch of brushes and containers.

1. Anastasia DipBrow Pomade

My number one favorite brow product is my good old trusty Anastasia DipBrow pomade! This gives me bold and gorgeous brows, and the pot of pomade lasts over a year of using it every day. They have so many different colors of this product, so it’s super easy to match it to whatever brow or hair color you want. If you haven’t tried the DipBrow yet, you need to!


What is your favorite brow product? Let me know in a comment down below!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I really hope you guys are liking this top 5 series because it’s been so much fun for me to do so far!! I’ll see you real soon!


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