My Top 5 Mascaras – Top 5 Series 

Welcome back lovelies!! I’m kicking off my new Top 5 series with my Top 5 favorite mascaras! These are all mascaras that I’ve talked about at some point on my blog before, but I’ve never done a Top 5 listing like this. I’m planning on doing several other categories (probably blush, eyeshadow palettes, lip products, foundation, etc.) so definitely follow my blog and stick around for the rest of this series and without further ado, let’s get into my top 5 mascaras! 

5. L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes

The L’Oréal Million Lashes mascara is awesome for lots of length and separation. The wand definitely separates and fans out the lashes. 
4. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes

This Tarte mascara is really an awesome all-in-one mascara. This is stunning on its own and I never have to layer this with anything else because it adds so much volume and length. 
3. L’Oréal Butterfly Mascara 

The L’Oréal Butterfly mascara is one of the best!! This makes my lashes look fake and adds so much volume and length. I love layering this with a volumizing mascara to get a full dramatic false lash effect. 
2. L’Oréal Miss Manga

This Miss Manga mascara is awesome for every day. I love how quick this is to apply and get a good look, and it really does make my lashes look awesome with just two coats. 
1. L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black

My number one mascara is the tried and true L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black. The reason this is my number one is because of how much thickness and volume this adds to my lashes. This layers with other mascaras so nicely and makes even a crappy mascara look good. 

I know that most of my favorite mascaras are from L’Oréal, but I really have tried a lot of other mascaras from the drugstore (lots from Covergirl and almost all of the ones from Maybelline!) and I really think L’Oréal has the best mascara formula! I hope you enjoyed seeing my first top 5 post, and I hope you’ll follow my blog to see the rest of this series! 


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