MORE Makeup That I’m Getting Rid Of – Makeup Declutter Series Part Three (BEST DECLUTTER YET?!)

I’m here with part 3 in my makeup declutter series! If you haven’t seen part one or part two of this series, definitely go check them out to see some more makeup collection decluttering goodness, but let’s go ahead and get into what I’m getting rid of in this round of products!

Studio Makeup On-The-Go Palette “Cool Down”

I got this palette in my November BoxyCharm box, and although I’m absolutely in love with the way the palette looks, I find that I just haven’t been able to get a practical look out of this palette, and I just have other palettes that I prefer over this one. While the quality is amazing (and I’ve been going back and forth for months now on whether I should depot the colors I like or give the whole palette away) I have to give this one up.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

I’m finally tossing out my Naked Basics palette. While I’ve loved this for so long, (I even used this on my wedding day!) I’ve had this palette for years and years and I know that the formula is starting to change. I also have every single color in this palette in almost all of my other palettes, so I went ahead and depotted the shade Venus to use as a highlight and I’m tossing the rest out. 

Bella Pierre Volumelash Waterproof Mascara

This was a product from my February Ipsy bag, and although I was so excited to be getting a full sized mascara, I really have no desire to try this because it’s waterproof. My coworker wears waterproof mascara every day, and I was so excited when she said she would take this product off my hands!

ELF Matte Lipstick “Tea Rose”

I was so excited about this lipstick, and I’m still super bummed that this color didn’t work for me (because the shade in “Natural” from the same line is one of my favorite lipsticks!). This is just too mauve toned for me, and it almost looks gray on my lips.

NYX Butter Lipstick “Lifeguard”

This was another product from my February Ipsy that I was so excited about. Not only was I shocked to see another full sized product in the bag, but I hadn’t ever tried the NYX Butter lipstick formula before. I wore this one time, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep it. If I’m going to reach for a bright red, it needs to be matte so I know it won’t be sliding and smudging all over my face, so this formula unfortunately just isn’t right for this color.

ColourPop Lippie Stix “Button” 

I like the formula of the satin lippie stix from ColourPop but the color of this shade is just way too bright coral for me. I’m going to go ahead and pass this on. 

Ciate London Liquid Velvet Lipstick “Diva”

This is a product from my November ipsy bag, and while I love the formula, the color is just a little bit too bright red for me. I’m hoping that someone will be able to get use out of all of these red lip products. 

Hikari Liquid Liner “Iris”

I got this in my December Ipsy bag, and I was so excited to be getting a full sized black liquid liner. Well it turns out that this is actually a purple shade, and I don’t like that it isn’t intense enough to really stand out against my mascara, so I’m going to hand this off to someone else. 

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter

I got this nude highlighter pencil in my March ipsy bag, and I knew that I wouldn’t like it when I fist got it. I did give it a shot, but I found that this really does blend out to nothing on the eyes. 

Eyeshadow Singles

I’m getting rid of 3 single shadows from my ZPalette since I got two products in my April Ipsy bag that needed to fit into it. I decided to toss out Verve and Suspect from the Naked 2 palette as well as this teeny Bahama Mama bronzer sample that I got in an Ipsy bag. I haven’t been reaching for these colors since I depotted them into my ZPalette, and I’m trying to be better about not holding onto shades just because they’re part of a palette or because they’re a nice neutral color. If I don’t use them, I need to toss them or pass them on. 

Sinful Colors Gray Nail Polish

I’ve had this polish forever, and I really love wearing dark gray colors in the wintertime, but I recently got a full sized polish in my ipsy bag that was a very similar color to this, and since this bottle is starting to get old anyway, I decided to keep the newer one and toss this one out.

Golden Pear & Brown Sugar Body Lotion

I’ve used up the full size shower gel and I’m working on the full size body spray in this scent, so I’m kind of burnt out on this set and I decided to go ahead and get rid of the lotion while it still has a lot of product left in it.

November 2015 Ipsy Bag

I’m finally going ahead and passing on some of my older ipsy bags that I don’t get a lot of use out of. I find that since I’m getting a new bag every month, if I kept every single one of them that I liked, I would be drowning in them before too long. This is such a cute pattern and I know one of my cousins will love this and get a lot more use out of it than I ever will.

November 2016 Ipsy Bag

I’m getting rid of this bag as well for the same reasons as the other one: I just don’t rotate it through my purse often enough to justify keeping it. While I do actually like this bag, this isn’t one of the ones that I love, and since I get a new one every single month, it only makes sense to keep the ones that I absolutely love from now on.  


I hope you enjoyed hearing about some more beauty products that I’m removing from my collection! I love doing this series, and I hope you enjoy following along to see some of the things that haven’t been working for me. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time!


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