What’s in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

I’m here to share all of the toiletries and beauty products that I brought with me on my trip to Atlanta with my husband! I’d like to start with a quick disclaimer that we stayed with some family while we were there, so I didn’t need to bring any shampoo, toothpaste, or anything that they would have around the house for us to use. If you missed My Travel Makeup Bag post post, go check that out to see what makeup I brought with me on the trip. Let’s go ahead and get into the toiletries!!

Skincare & Misc. 

For skincare, I brought my Fresh face cleanser (which we didn’t end up using because I already had face wash there), my Garnier moisturizer, and my Clean & Clear spot treatment. I also brought my Amika dry shampoo sample, my husband’s hair pomade, my OPI polish in the shade “Stop It, I’m Blushing, and my Sally Hansen top coat.

Hair Care 

As far as hair items goes, I brought my curling iron and straightener, some elastic, a hair tie, some bobby pins, hairspray, a hair oil, and our brush and comb (this brush is the brand Tangle Teaser and I absolutely love it!).

Bathroom Items 

As far as miscellaneous bathroom items, I brought some sunscreen, Q-Tips, a few makeup remover wipes, my Makeup Eraser cloth (not pictured), our toothbrushes, a Tide to Go stick, some body wash for my husband, and my razor.

Smell Good Items

I made sure to grab deodorant, my husband’s body spray, my perfume from Rue21, and my Pink Chiffon body spray and lotion for my purse.


I hope you enjoyed seeing everything that I brought with me in my travel toiletries bag! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time!



2 thoughts on “What’s in My Travel Toiletries Bag?

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  2. Nicholas Juan

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