Anti-Haul #2 – MORE Products I’m Not Going To Buy

I’m back with another anti-haul today! (If you missed the first one, definitely go check it out right right here! It’s one of my most popular posts!) Today I’m talking about super hyped up and popular makeup that I’m not going to spend my money on.

Drugstore Blushes

I’ve purchased SO MANY drugstore blushes over the years, and I’ve eventually ended up decluttering every single one of them. I get better quality, less patchy, and longer lasting products purchasing from brands like Tarte and Too Faced, so I would rather save the money for them by passing up on drugstore blushes.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette


If you saw my first Anti-Haul post, you’ll remember me mentioning that I won’t be buying the Naked 3 palette because I dont like pinky, rose gold, red, orange, or any other warm toned shadow (peach included) on me. So not buying the Peach Palette is kind of a no-brainer for me. While Too Faced definitely has my favorite eye shadow formula, not being attracted to over half of the shades is a pretty big turn off for this product (although the Sweet Peach blush they released is gorgeous, so I might actually end up getting something from their peach line after all 😉 ).

Smashbox Primers


I’ve used up entire deluxe sized samples of the Smashbox Primer Water, Primer Oil, and Photo Finish Primer. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like any of them did anything to help extend the lasting power of my foundation. I have pretty oily skin, so if I’m going to take the time to do the extra step of applying primer, I need it to actually do something for my makeup. None of these Smashbox primers do anything for me, so I won’t be buying them.

“Mega” Palettes (Tartiest PRO and Too Faced Natural Love)

Both Tarte and Too Faced recently came out with these huge neutral palettes, and although Tarte and Too Faced are my favorite brands, I’m not going to buy any of these huge palettes. They’re too big to store and they often don’t have as good of quality as the smaller palette (plus they’re hard to travel with and sometimes I get overwhelmed by having so many shades to choose from in the mornings. Also, they’re neutrals and we all know that I don’t need another neutral palette). 

Red Lipsticks


I’ve probably purchased over 20 different red lipsticks over the last 5 or 6 years. At one point I had a whole drawer in my makeup collection dedicated to all of the red lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, lip liners, and tinted lip balms that I owned. I now have one red lipstick and one red tinted balm, and I’m not going to buy any more red lip products. Why? Because I almost NEVER wear them!! I would say on average I wear a red lip two times a year. So why on earth do I need to keep buying red lip products to try to find the “holy-grail red lip formula”?! I’m not going to buy any more red lipsticks until I use up the one I have.

Drugstore Foundations


Okay, so technically my two holy-grail foundations (and really the only foundations I buy anymore) are from Revlon and Covergirl, so let me rephrase this to “I’m not going to buy any drugstore foundations just to test them out”. I used to buy foundations LIKE CRAZY to find the perfect formula for my skin. And guess what? I’ve found the formulations and foundations that works for me! So I’m going to quit while I’m ahead and not buy any more drugstore foundations just to test them out and see how they work for me. I need to be satisfied with what I know works.

Brow Pencils

This has nothing against brow pencils, but I just prefer a tinted brow gel or a pomade instead of a brow pencil. I find that they take a long time to get a precise application, and they tug at my brow hairs which is super uncomfortable. I’m not going to buy anymore brow pencils (no matter how tempted I might be by the Brow Wiz). 


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! What are some products that you aren’t going to buy? Let me know in a comment down below, and I’ll see you next time! 

*i think it goes without saying (since I’m not going to buy any of these products) but none of these photos are my own. All credit goes to google images/whoever took it and uploaded it to google* 


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