MORE Makeup That I’m Getting Rid Of – Makeup Declutter Series Part 2

I’m back with another Makeup I’m Getting Rid Of! I typically post any kind of decluttering related post on my second blog Home, Budget, Blog, but because these particular blog posts are more of makeup reviews, they get to live on Disney Wife! If you didn’t see part one of my Makeup That I’m Getting Rid Of series, definitely go check that post out, but without further ado, here we go with MORE makeup that I’m decluttering from my collection!!

Pure Cosmetics Buff Collection Palette  

I got this palette in my December BoxyCharm, and I mentioned in that post that I didn’t think this was as good of quality as some of my other palettes and (shocker) it’s really not. I figure that I have the Chocolate Bar palette, the Naked 2, both of the Tartelette palettes, and two of the Natural Eye palettes from Too Faced, so I REALLY don’t need this as well. I now that my sister-in-law who doesn’t own as many palettes as I do would really love this, and I’m really excited to be giving her a $50 eyeshadow palette to play around with.
L.A. Colors Polish and Sally Hansen Insta Dry Topcoat

These are a couple of nail polishes that I’m going to be getting rid of. I’ve found a topcoat that I like better than the Sally Hansen one, and I replaced the L.A. Colors nail polish with a similar color that has a better formula and doesn’t have the annoying (and hard to remove) glitter in it.
IBY Beauty Pencil Liner “Cocoa”

As I’ve mentioned a million times before, I really only like black liquid liner. I got this in an ipsy, so I’m going to give it to someone who likes brown liners.
Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick “Mercury”

I cashed in my Ipsy points for a sample in December and they mixed up my order and sent me this liquid lipstick instead of the brush that I ordered! The color is absolutely CRAZY and it looks like actual Tin Man lips! I’m definitely NEVER going to wear this (and it had my husband and I rolling on the floor laughing at how ridiculous I looked with this on) but my sister-in-law said that she would give it a shot layering it with some other lipsticks, so it’s going to a loving home.
January 2017 Ipsy Bag

If you saw my January 2017 Ipsy Unboxing post, you’ll know that I didn’t super love that month’s ipsy bag. My younger cousins love getting these to use as makeup bags or little purses, so I’m definitely going to pass it down to them (or donate it to Goodwill).

Jurlique Rose Lip Balm

I got this lip balm in an ipsy about a year ago and have hardly touched it. It’s super dried out on top, so unfortunately I have to just throw it away (this is why I want to get my makeup collection down to a more reasonable size! Things shouldn’t be expiring before I can get to them).

Stroke of Beauty Brow Pencil

Yes, I put this Brow Pencil in my Products to Use Up in 2017  challenge, but honestly, I just don’t like it. I don’t want to force myself to use a product that I hate every single morning just for the sake of using it up. So I’m going to just pass it on.

ELF Blush Brush

This is an awesome brush, but I honestly haven’t reached for this in a long time, so I figured it was probably time to pass it on since my brush drawer was about one brush too full to shut all the way. Oops.

Nivea Lip Butter

This is SOOOO old (probably the oldest item in my collection) and it’s not going to be used up before it goes bad, so I’m going to toss it.

Jersey Shore Lavender Lip Balm

I got this lip balm in an ipsy and I was planning on using it up, but I really hate the scent and taste of lavender, and this makes me nauseous every time I use it.

Water Lauder Double Wear Foundation Sample

I got this sample from an Estée Lauder counter, but the lightest shade is way too dark for me, so I’m going to toss it.

Manna Kadar Blush “Paradise”

I just got this blush in my January ipsy bag, and I wore it once and realized that the color is way too crazy bright pink for my pale skin.

NYC Bronzer “Sunny”

This is one of the best bronzers from the drugstore, and I’ve had it for probably close to 5 years now. Not to mention the fact that I’m so pale that I never wear bronzer because it looks muddy and crazy on my skin so this poor guy never gets used anymore. So it’s definitely time to throw this away.

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade

My DipBrow is still hanging on, but once you get down to this thin layer in the jar, the formula starts to dry out and change and it gets really thick and clumpy. It’s time to toss this and break out my new one.

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stick “Perk”

I got two of these Milk Makeup cream blushes from Birchbox (long story but they ended up sending me two boxes so I had a duplicate of this) and I used the other one up and have been hanging onto the new one for a long time. Since this is brand new and I like the ColourPop blushes a lot more than this, I’m going to give it away new to someone! (which is always such a good feeling because I know they’ll be so excited to get something brand new!)

Urban Decay Shadow “Bordello”

This was Ulta’s 2016 birthday gift, and I really don’t like the shade at all. This is way to purple and glittery for my taste, and I’m definitely not going to use it (but my sister-in-law will so I’m going to take it to her).

Burt’s Bees Original Lip Balm

I got this for Christmas and I was super excited to try it out, but I actually really hate the smell and taste of the original lip balm from Burt’s Bees. I wish that I liked this because I love that Burt’s Bees lip balms are all natural, but I just can’t get past the smell.

Pacifica Power of Love Lipstick “Nudie Red”

I got this lipstick in my December 2015 Ipsy and I was so excited about it! I used it like crazy right when I got it, but I haven’t worn it once in an entire year, so I think it’s time to go ahead and get rid of it. It’s also a SUPER dry formula, and now that I’ve branched out more in the matte lipstick world (looking at you ColourPop) I feel like there’s a lot better formulas out there, and the orange-pink color of this doesn’t suit me very well anyway.

PBJ Smoothie Stick Lip Crayon

This is another subscription service lip product that I feel like the color doesn’t quite suit me. I hardly ever reach for purple or berry toned lip products, and I would much rather wear my Stila “Patina” liquid lipstick when I’m going for that look than this slippery lip crayon from PBJ.

I hope you enjoyed this second installment of Makeup That I’m Getting Rid Of!! It’s always such a good feeling to do a nice purge of your collection, and I feel like all of the makeup I currently own has some breathing room now that these items are out of the way. Thank you so so much for stopping by and as always, I’ll see you next time!


6 thoughts on “MORE Makeup That I’m Getting Rid Of – Makeup Declutter Series Part 2

      1. EmilyStyles

        Of course! I have plus 30 lipsticks and lip glosses so keeping track is harder than expected. But I guess it’s true when they say beauty is pain! No worries princess

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