ColourPop HAUL + First Impressions

I’m so excited to be sharing my first ever Colour Pop order with you today!! Colour Pop has been hyped up for years now, but I’ve never actually ordered anything from them until recently. I decided to get a variety of products to test everything out, and I’m so excited to share my first impressions with you today.

Creme Lippie Stix “Aquarius”

I really love the shade of this Lippie Stix, and I think this might be my favorite color of the three that I ordered. I like the formula of this one a lot too; it’s the perfect mix between the matte and the satin formula, and it’s very comfortable on the lips.
Matte Lippie Stix “Cookie”

This shade fits with the brown 90’s “Kylie Jenner” lip color trend that’s been super in for the last year. I don’t know how I feel about this particular shade on me, but the matte formula seems very comfortable for a matte lipstick, and I’m excited to play around with this shade a little bit and branch out of my comfort zone with it.

Satin Lippie Stix “Button”

The satin Lippie Stix formula feels a lot like a lip balm on the lips, and it’s definitely the most comfortable of all of the Lippie Stix that I got. The color is very natural while adding a small pop of coral, and I think this is the perfect “throw it in your purse and go” shade because it’s comfortable and adds just the perfect amount of color when you want to add a little something to your look that day.

Ultra Matte Lip “Midi”

Of course I couldn’t place a Colour Pop order without getting one of their famous Ultra Matte Lip liquid liptsicks. I got the shade “Midi” which is the perfect mauve neutral shade, and I’m super excited to try this out some more (and maybe get some brighter shades of this formula the next time I order from them)!

Super Shock Matte Blush “Between the Sheets”

The Super Shock texture is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s not quite cream but also not quite powder. I really love the shade of this blush, and it’s so silky when I’ve swatched it. I definitely want to try one of their Satin blushes the next time I place an order because this matte blush is beautiful!!

Super Shock Metallic Shadow “I Heart This”

This is the most beautiful eyeshadow I’ve ever owned. This is so glittery and glam, and I’m so excited to use this metallic shade as a pop of glitter on my lid. Again, the Super Shock formula is so strange, and the shadow blends out to a powder but applies like a cream. I love that the glitter doesn’t have crazy fallout since it’s mixed into a cream formula, and I’m really loving this shadow. When I place my next order, I definitely want to get a champagne shade, a copper, and a shimmery “one shadow look” brown shade.

All in all, I absolutely love all of the items that I ordered. I’m definitely planning on purchasing more items from Colour Pop in the future (after I try out some of the things I got some more) . I think that you get a REALLY amazing value for your money, and these items are drugstore pricing while hands down being MUCH better quality than drugstore items. (I also love that these are made in the U.S.A. and you get free shipping on all $30 orders in the U.S. which makes it an even better value compared to most companies $50 free shipping requirement).

I hope you enjoyed seeing my very first Colour Pop order today! Thank you so much for stopping by by blog, and I’ll see you next time!


7 thoughts on “ColourPop HAUL + First Impressions

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