Wet n Wild One Step Wonder Gel Nail Polish Review! 

Today I’m going to chat with you about a nail polish that I recently picked up at Target. I had a dollar store polish from L.A. Colors that I absolutely loved the color of, but the formula chipped super easily and I wanted to replace it with a more expensive, better quality polish of the same shade. I looked all over the nail polish isle and compared shades from Essie and OPI and couldn’t find a close enough match. I was going to call it quits until I saw this nail polish peeking out from the bottom shelf in the Wet n Wild isle! I grabbed it, and the rest is history.

When I first applied this polish, I was honestly SHOCKED at how pigmented it was. I only needed one coat to get full coverage on my nails, and even when I paint with Butter London polishes I have to go over the nail with at least two coats.

I also loved the shape of the brush, and it really applied polish to my whole nail in just one swipe.

I topped the polish with my Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat (review post right here) and was on my way.

This polish lasted about 5 days on me before I finally took it off to try out another polish. If you’re a nail polish fan, you’ll know how hard it is to find nail polish that lasts more than just a couple of days before you have to redo your nails (I will say that a little bit of wear on the tips of the nails is pretty normal, so 5 days of no chipping doesn’t actually mean that there were absolutely no chips).

I would definitely say that I highly recommend checking out these polishes, especially because they’re only $4 each!! This wore just as well as my OPI polishes do, and I’m so excited to go pick up some more colors.


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