Sally Hansen Gel Envy Top Coat Review (Using Regular Nailpolish) 

Today I’m going to be doing a quick review on the Sally Hansen Gel Envy Topcoat on top of a normal, non-gel nail polish. Obviously this topcoat is marketed to go on top of their Gel Envy nail polishes, but when I tried it with a normal nail polish a few months ago, I loved how it wore.

I don’t typically paint my fingernails very often because I hate the fact that they chip so easily! I honestly tried this topcoat kind of by accident. The topcoat I was using at the time was getting goopy and old, and I was kind of in a bind where I needed a topcoat and all I had was the Sally Hansen Gel Envy from a set I had tried once and never used again.

I love this as a topcoat for normal nail polish. While it does still depend on the nail polish formula to determine how long my nails go without chipping, I find that even my chip-prone polishes last 4-5 days before the tips start to wear down (which is amazing compared to the 2-3 days I used to get out of long lasting polishes with normal topcoats).

These pictures are from day 7 wearing my OPI Bubble Bath nail polish. As you can see, there’s a tiny but of lifting around my cuticles, but there’s no chips or cracks in the polish at all (and they’re still super shiny too).

So basically this top coat is amazing. I would highly recommend trying this out, and it’s definitely the best top coat from Sally Hansen (and I’ve tried all the top coats they make)!


2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Gel Envy Top Coat Review (Using Regular Nailpolish) 

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