Anti-Haul – Products I’m Not Going to Buy 

Today we’re going to be doing an anti-haul talking about all of the super hyped up products that I’m not going to buy. I’ve been seeing this idea floating around YouTube a lot lately, and I thought it was an interesting concept since YouTube hypes a lot of makeup, and a lot of people buy most of the products beauty gurus recommend. Of course these are just my personal opinions, and if you own anything I’m going to talk about here and love it, more power to you. These are just things that I personally don’t want or need to spend my money on!

Lorac Palettes

Now maybe this is just me, but I feel like I own about 5 neutral eyeshadow palettes too many. After purchasing Naked palettes and Chocolate Bar palettes and Tartelette palettes, etc., I don’t feel like I really need to run out and buy the Lorac palettes. They have the Lorac Pro, Lorac Pro 2, Lorac Pro 3, Lorac Unzipped, Lorac Pro Matte, Lorac Unzipped Gold, Lorac Mega Pro, the list goes on and on. Is the eyeshadow crazy amazing quality that you won’t find anywhere else? Am I missing out big time? Who knows, but I’ve never been interested enough to spend the money and find out.

Bare Minerals Makeup

I’ve personally never been interested in mineral makeup, and to be completely honest I haven’t ever really heard anyone on YouTube hype up the brand or mention that any of the products are all that good. Bare Minerals has always been a brand that I kind of just pass over.

Anastasia Glow Kit or Becca Highlighers

I’m not that into the highlighter trend (probably because I have crazy oily skin and the thought of looking shiny on purpose really weirds me out) so I don’t feel any kind of desire to run out and drop a bunch of money on highlighters. Again, this is totally personal preference, but I really feel like the highlight trend is going to die out and a bunch of people are going to be left with a lot of very expensive shimmery powders.

High End Liners

I don’t care if it’s Kat Von D, Tarte, Stila, or Urban Decay; I’m never going to purchase a high-end eyeliner. It varies on where you find your source from, but the general consensus is that you shouldn’t keep a liquid liner for longer than 6 months. I personally don’t have any interest in spending over $20 two times a year on eyeliner (especially because I don’t even wear liquid liner every day and my eyelashes cover up the liner anyway!). I’ll stick to my Maybelline and L’oreal liquid liners and spend the extra money on a makeup product I actually enjoy applying.

“Specialty Palettes” ie. YouTube Collaborations and Holiday Palettes

In my personal experience from searching reviews and swatches both on YouTube and online in general, any kind of special edition or limited edition eyeshadow palette is just kind of…crappy. This isn’t the case every single time, but more often than not, limited edition eyeshadow palettes are WAY less pigmented and WAY worse quality than eyeshadow palettes from the permanent line. I don’t know if it has to do with the rush to get them out or what the problem is, but almost every YouTuber collaboration palette has terrible reviews, and almost every holiday palette is just as bad.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

This goes back to personal preference, but I really hate the way that pink/red/copper/orange/rose gold eyeshadow colors look on me. I typically stick to very cool toned shades, and because of that, I’m never going to buy the Naked 3 or Modern Renaissance palettes.

Glam Glow Face Masks

Skincare is defiantly very low on my priority list, and I would never, ever spend any kind of money on Glam Glow (or any other expensive) face masks. These products are super hyped up right now, but I personally have never been the biggest fan of face masks anyway.

Drugstore Eyeshadow Trio’s, Quad’s, Palettes. 

I’ve used so many different drugstore eyeshadows over the years, and I’ve ended up getting rid of every single trio, quad, palette, etc. I always get better looks out of high end shadows, and I already own tons of high end palettes, so it’s honestly kind of a waste of money to keep buying drugstore shadows.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about a few products that I’m not going to buy. What are some hyped up things that you know you’re never going to purchase? Thanks for stopping by! 


9 thoughts on “Anti-Haul – Products I’m Not Going to Buy 

  1. elmbennet

    I like this post I do have some products that I adore on here but again its preference. The glamglow is amazing and worth the price in my opinion. I was definitely a hater of them before scoffing at people that would buy them but after I had a sample I fell in love and I want all of the masks.

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  2. immalady

    I probably won’t be buying any GlamGlow products either but I’d love to try them-fingers crossed I’ll receive one in a sub box. I own a couple of palettes from the Maybelline Nude collection and I love them! I just purchased a $24 liquid liner from Tarte; it’s limited edition for the holidays. I am definitely not into the brow trend–I hate it so I won’t be purchasing any products on that end. Great post!

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  3. Everything Meli

    I’m glad it’s not just me that feels this way on some of these products! Such as mineral products I’ve always felt like the odd man out, I don’t feel like I needed anything from the line! Thanks for sharing! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  4. kathylcsw

    I have to say that the Stila Stay All Day eyeliner is amazing! Mine lasted almost a year and I didn’t see any reason not to use it up. This is an interesting post though.


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