The Best of Ipsy

Today I’m going to be talking all about my favorite products I’ve ever received from ipsy! I thought this was such a unique idea, and I would love to do another post about my favorites from Birchbox and BoxyCharm in the future, so let me know what you think!!

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I’ve had ipsy from June 2015 up until now, which means I’ve been getting their bags for 17 months. That’s 85 different samples!! There’s been lots of things I’ve hated, and tons of things that I’ve loved.

Aurora Intensive Eyeliner Pen – June 2015 bag

I just recently opened this eyeliner, and I’m actually really enjoying it. I love it when subscription boxes include plain old black liquid eyeliners.

Crown Brush Tweezers – July 2015 bag

I absolutely love these tweezers! I’ve used them every single week since I got them, and they’ve never failed me.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo – August 2015 bag

Ipsy first turned me on to Batiste, and I’ve purchased their dry shampoo over and over since I tried it.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – September 2015 bag

This moisturizer has received so much hype on YouTube and I was meaning to go get a sample when I received it in my Ipsy. This stuff is the best for the winter months when skin starts drying out. I’m definitely planning on picking up a full size when my sample is gone (yes I’m still using this sample, you only need to use the tiniest bit of this stuff!)

Pacifica Power of Love Lipstick “Nudie Red” – December 2015 bag

I wore the crap out of this lipstick! It’s super matte and can be pretty drying, but it really does stick to your lips all day long. I was obsessed with this for months when I got it in my ipsy.

Lasting Smiles Lip Balm “Peppermint Creme” – January 2016 bag

This lip balm is super minty and melts into my lips. It also came with soooo much product in it! I’ve been using it every night for months now, and it’s still going strong. (Spoiler for my Products To Use Up in 2017 post) I’m hoping to finish this up next year, but there really is a ton of it in there, so we’ll see how far I get with it.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish “I’m Kind of A Big Deal” – February 2016 bag

This is the most beautiful nail polish color, and I wore it on my toes all spring and summer! It lasts forever on my nails too, and this is honestly one of my favorite nail polishes in my collection! 

Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner – March 2016 bag

This is the most waterproof eyeliner I’ve ever used! I wore this on my wedding day, and it lasted through the whole day, all of the tears, and the whole night. (If you want to see a “Makeup I Used on My Wedding Day” post, let me know in a comment! I’d love to do one!)

Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo – March 2016 bag

I just recently used up this dry shampoo, and I really did enjoy it. Mostly, I loved how large this sample was! Ipsy really came through with this one.

Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment – May 2016 bag

I used up this hair oil a few months ago, and I really loved the way it moisturized the ends of my hair and helped prevent split ends. This oil is super affordable, and I’m planning on purchasing the full size as soon as I finish up the oil I’m using right now.

Delectable Lemon & Creme Hand Cream – July 2016 bag

If you’ve read any of my past blog posts, you’ll know how obsessed I am with this hand cream. I’m not really a huge fan of lemon scents, but I love the way this smells!! It’s super moisturizing, and it’s such a different feel than the Bath & Body Works lotions. It’s so silky and it never feels sticky or greasy the way B&BW sometimes does.

Too Faced Hangover RX Face Primer – July 2016 bag

Ipsy first turned me on to this primer, and now it’s my all time favorite! I love the moisturizer texture of it, mostly because I hate the way silicone feels on my face! This primer is amazing. 

Marc Anthony Argan Oil Conditioner – August 2016 bag

This Argan Oil Conditioner is the most amazing thing I’ve ever put on my hair. I’m 10000% running to Ulta and purchasing this as soon as I finish up the conditioner I’m using right now. This smells amazing and it leaves my hair so incredibly soft. 

Eva NYC Dry Conditioner spray – September 2016 bag

This is such an interesting product, and I had never heard of a dry conditioner spray before ipsy sent this to me, so I was instantly intrigued by it. I’ve got to say, this stuff is pretty amazing. I love to spray this in my hair on days where the ends of my hair are just looking kind of dull and dry, and this product really brings my hair back to life! Eva NYC is a super affordable brand, and I’m planning on picking up the full size can of this on my next Target trip. 

Pure Brazilian Leave in Conditioner Spray – October 2016 bag

I love everything having to do with conditioning my hair and giving it a little extra moisture, so I was so excited when I received this is my most recent ipsy. I love the scent, and I love how soft this leaves my hair after the shower. 

JoShik Polish “Luxe” – October 2016 bag

I absolutely adore this nail polish color for fall, and I thought this polish was absolutely perfect to include in a Halloween themed bag. 

I hope you enjoyed my Best of Ipsy!! As I said before, I would really love to do a similar post for Birchbox and BoxyCharm in the future. Let me know what some of your favorite products have been from your subscription boxes, and if you do a post similar to this, PLEASE tag me in the comments so I can check it out!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! 


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