Birchbox vs. Ipsy – Which Should You Buy? 

Today I’m going to be discussing the age old question: Which is better, Birchbox or Ipsy? I’m going to do a quick rundown on my history with each of them, what they both offer, which one I prefer, and pros and cons of each. 

I’ve been receiving Ipsy every month since June 2015 (with the exception of April 2016 when I unsubscribed and then re-subscribed after just a couple weeks because the FOMO is real). I received monthly Birchboxes from January 2016 until September 2016. That comes to 16 Ipsy bags and 9 Birchboxes total. 

Let’s talk about Ipsy first since I’ve been subscribed to them for longer. 

The first big appeal that Ipsy had for me was that you get a new makeup bag every single month. I use these bags for everything from travel to organizing my glove box in my car to carrying makeup (or tampons) in my purse. I have a huge collection of them by now, and there’s been so many cute ones over the years. 

Another thing I’ve loved about ipsy is that they send out makeup tools. I’ve received probably about half a dozen makeup brushes, two different makeup sponges, and a pair of CrownBrush tweezers. (I’ve never received any makeup tools from Birchbox, so this is important to note). 

Ipsy also sends out lots of different makeup samples. In the last year I’ve received setting powder, eyeshadow primer, eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, lip balm, eyeshadow trios, single shadows, eyeshadow crayons, loose pigment, face primer, lip gloss, blushes, highlighter, bronzer, lip liner, mascaras, lipstick, etc. I’ve also received several nail polishes, dry shampoos, hair oils, face masks, hand cream, and the occasional skincare sample (facial cleanser, moisturizer, face oil, etc.) 

Ipsy has a lot of variety, but I would say 3 out of the 5 samples are pretty much always either makeup or makeup related items (like an eyeshadow or an eyeshadow brush). It’s about every 1 in 3 bags that you’ll see any kind of skincare items

Ipsy also has a rewards program that gives you points for reviewing the samples that are sent to you. When you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for a sample or full sized item from their points shop. They also partner with different brands every month to give you 10%-30% off, free shipping, etc. (I did a post talking about where to find deals on high end makeup where I went more in depth about ipsy’s brand deals if you’re interested). 

Now let’s talk about Birchbox

Birchbox used to have an amazing rewards program, but they got rid of it in July of this year. (I have a whole post talking about what the rewards program was and why they go rid of it as well as what they replaced it with right here if you’re interested). So unfortunately, you won’t get any kind of rewards for being a subscriber anymore. 

Birchbox sends out a lot of skincare and haircare items and a lot less makeup items. As far as makeup goes, I received an eyeshadow duo, a lip balm, a lip stain, an eyeshadow crayon, a lip crayon, a lip gloss, a brow gel, a mascara, a blush, a liquid lipstick, and a cream blush. Yes, that is exactly every single makeup item I ever received from them. 11 makeup products in 9 months (I received 25 makeup samples from ipsy in those same 9 months, just for reference.) Which means all of the rest of the items were shampoo, conditioner, face cleanseres and exfoliators, moisturizers, dry shampoo, etc. 

Here’s a quick rundown of my samples from January 2016 – September 2016

Makeup: Birchbox – 11     Ipsy – 25

Skincare: Birchbox – 14     Ipsy – 6

Haircare: Birchbox – 13     Ipsy – 4

Nail Polish: Birchbox – 1     Ipsy – 3

Makeup Tools: Birchbox – 0     Ipsy – 5 

Bodycare (lotion, perfume, shaving cream): Birchbox – 6     Ipsy – 2

I explain a lot of the reasons why I’m turned off by Birchbox in my why I cancelled Birchbox post, while I just touched on a few of the reasons here. But don’t get me wrong, there was a time back in March that I was unsatisfied with ipsy and cancelled my subscription with them, too. 

I guess in the end, you’re only paying $10 a month for the samples that you receive. Not every month is going to be great, and there will probably be a few months that you don’t like a single product that you get. That’s just how it goes. But there’s also going to be a lot of months that you love everything you receive. And most months that will be a mix of things you love and things you don’t use. 

If you’re looking for makeup samples, you’re going to want ipsy. If you like trying out skincare and haircare items, Birchbox will be your best bet. I’ve gotten a lot of items that I’ve fallen in love with from both subscription services, but in the end, I personally would go with Ipsy over Birchbox. 

I hope you guys liked hearing my comparison of Birchbox and Ipsy. If you found this post helpful, please give it a like and leave me a comment down below on whether you like Birchbox or Ipsy more! Also, stop by my Instagram @DisneyWifeBlog to catch up on the latest. Thank you so much for stopping by! 💕


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