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Benefit “Coralista” vs. Milani “Luminoso” – Blush Review 

Today I’m going to do a quick comparison on Benefit’s Coaralista blush and Milani Luminoso blush. It’s been said for years and years that Milani Luminoso is a dupe for Benefit Coralista, and since I recently bought Coralista, I didn’t feel the need to keep Luminoso anymore, so I thought I’d do a quick comparison for you all before I declutter it from my collection.

To make a long post short, yes I would say that Milani’s Luminoso is a dupe for Benefit’s Coralista because it does actually looks exactly the same on the skin. It’s right on par with Coralista pigmentation wise, but because Coralista is high-end, the blush is higher quality and lasts longer on your skin throughout the day.

Blush swatches (indoor lighting)

Blush swatches (natural lighting)

I personally prefer Coralista because of its fruity scent, and the fact that it lasts a lot longer on my cheeks. If you’re on a budget or are just starting to dip your toes into coral blush, Luminoso really does look exactly like Coralista, so I would definitely start there.

I hope you enjoyed hearing my quick review today!! If you want to see another blush comparison, I recently did a Too Faced “Baby Love” vs. Tarte “Exposed” – Blush Review  that you can go check out by clicking the link. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


BoxyCharm Unboxing – November 2016

I finally got my November BoxyCharm and I’m here to unbox it for you!! My BoxyCharm was super late getting to me this month for some reason, but I’m really excited about all of the items inside! 

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen 

This is a full sized eye cream pen from Skyn Iceland. It retails for $20.00, and I’m super excited to try this out because I don’t use any kind of eye creams currently. I’m always down for trying out a different type of skincare item than I typically use in my routine. 

Crown Brush C513 Pro Detailed Crease Brush

This is a full sized pointed pencil brush that retails for $12.99. I think this Brush will be the perfect size to highlight my inner corner. 

Studio Makeup Soft Blend Blush “Sahara”

I absolutely love the shade of this blush! It’s a super natural dusty mauve color (which is my jam!) and it retails for $17.00. I’m so excited to have this in my collection, and I love getting full sized blushes instead of the tiny blush card that you get in ipsy or Birchbox. 

Vintage Illuminating Face Highlighter “Rose Gold”

This is a beautiful rose gold highlighter/blush topper from the brand Vintage. It’s absolutely gigantic! It retails for $32.00 and the packaging is seriously so beautiful. I absolutely love the box that this comes in (and I’m totally going to keep it. Don’t judge.)

Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette “Cool Down”

Last but not least we’ve got another $49.95 palette from Studio Makeup! This time, the shades are all rosy and cool toned instead of the warm neutrals. This palette is so beautiful, and I absolutely adore the last palette BoxyCharm sent out from this brand. 

This month’s total value is $132!! I’m definitely keeping every item from this box, and I’m so excited to use all of it! Thanks so much for stopping by, and don’t forget to check out my previous BoxyCharm Unboxing if you’ve missed them! 

Finish 5 By Winter Project Pan – Update #2 

It’s just past the 21st of November which means there’s only one month left until the end of my Project Pan! I’m now 2/3 of the way done with this project, and I’ve got some good progress (and some not so good progress) to share with you today. If you missed my intro explaining what project pan is and explaining why I chose the products I did, you can check out my Finish 5 by Winter Project Pan intro post . If you missed my first update, you can go check that out as well! Without further ado, let’s jump into the products!
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I’ve had some awesome progress with this concealer, and I’m so close to finishing this up! This will for sure be done by December 21st, and I’m so excited to be able to move it out of my collection!

Milk Lip + Cheek Stick 

I went ahead and depotted my Milk cream blush into an old concealer jar, so you’re not going to be able to see any progress with this unfortunately. I wish I would’ve thought to do this from the beginning of this project, but it was starting to get hard to get my brush into the product with it in the tube.

Nivea Lip Butter

I’ve been reaching for this lip balm every single day, and I feel like I’ve made so much progress with it, even though it doesn’t really look like it. My lips have been super dry with the colder weather, so I’m hoping to use up a lot more of this in the last month of this project.

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade

I’ve made some awesome progress with my DipBrow, and I’m super excited about the amount I’ve been able to use up in the last month. I would be totally fine ending this project with how much I have left in this pot as of right now, so any amount I use in the last month will be a bonus for me.

Makeup Forever Artist Natural Lipstick 

I’m so embarrassed to say that I haven’t used this lipstick at all since the last update. This is definitely the fail product from this project, and I’m pretty much 100% sure I won’t finish this up at this point. I’m going to try to work on it as much as I can remember to pull it out, but honestly at this time of the year my lips are dry and wanting a lip balm over a lipstick, so we’ll see if I get any use out of this.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my second Project Pan update!! I’ve been having so much fun using up all of these products, and I’m really hoping that you’ve been enjoying seeing my progress with all of them as well! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

My Favorite YouTubers – Beauty Guru Edition! 

Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite beauty YouTubers! I’m so excited to kick off this series. I’ve been watching beauty videos on YouTube for over 7 years now, and I’ve pretty much seen about every beauty guru there is. I’m going to be sharing my current favorites, and telling you a little bit about why I love them so much. (I also decided to include their current subscriber count so you can kind of gauge how big they are on YouTube). Let’s get into it! 

     Allison Anderson – 458,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Allison for around 4 years, and I love the direction her channel has taken. My favorite thing about her channel is her decluttering and minimizing videos that still manage to incorporate makeup and beauty. Her home decor/organization videos are some of mg favorite. 

     Amy Lynn Thompson – 35,000 subscribers

I’ve been subscribed to Amy for about 3 months now, and I found her through Jessica Braun’s comment section. Amy is probably one of the most hilarious human beings, and I love her sarcasm and energy. My favorite part of her channel are her lush hauls, her monthly favorites and empties posts, and her Disney videos. She should definitely have more subscribers than she does! 

     Andréa Matillano – 154,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Andréa for about 6 months, and she is one of the sweetest people on YouTube. She always thanks her viewers for taking the time out of their day to watch her, and she almost always responds to all of her comments. My favorite part of Andréa’s channel is that she always goes super in-depth with her review and swatching videos. 

     Aspyn Ovard – 2,935,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Aspyn for about 6 years now. I love her bubbly personality, and her vlog channel is my absolute favorite. I love how honest and relatable she is. 

     Claudia Sulewski – 1,828,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Claudia for about 4 years. I love how her channel has evolved over the years from makeup and fashion to more girl-talk type videos. My favorite part of her channel is her amazingly detailed editing that she’s been doing for the past year or so. 

     Eleventhgorgeous – 1,765,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Eleventhgorgeous for about 3 years now. Tracy and Stephanie are two of the bubbliest, happiest people on YouTube. Their videos are always so intriguing to me, and I don’t think they’ve ever put up a video that I skipped because I didn’t like the idea behind it. My favorite thing about their channel is all of their drugstore makeup related videos. 

     Emilynoel83 – 852,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Emily for about 2 years. She does tons and tons of reviews, and I love how honest she always is. She has crazy good makeup skills, and she’s always coming up with the coolest series ideas. 

     Grav3yardgirl – 7,738,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Bunny for 6 years! She obviously has tons of subscribers, and I’d be shocked if you haven’t heard of her by now. I love that Bunny is such a positive person who’s just trying to make people laugh. 

     Jaclyn Hill – 3,640,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Jaclyn for about a month now, but I’ve seen hundreds of her videos over the years. My favorite videos of hers are her product recommendation videos, and the only reason I didn’t subscribe to her sooner is because she does a lot of tutorials (which I’m personally not that into, but if that’s your kind of thing, you’ll probably love her videos). 

     Jessica Braun – 323,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Jessica for about a year now. I love her personality, and she’s always so upfront and honest about products and companies she doesn’t like. I discovered her through her makeup decluttering series, and her declutters are still my favorite of all time. Jessica is probably my favorite YouTuber on this list. 

     KathleenLights – 2,657,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Kathleen for about 3 months now. I absolutely adore her personality, and I’m shocked that I haven’t heard of her before now. She makes tons and tons of strictly makeup related videos, so if you want to hear about makeup, she’s your girl. 

     LoveMeg – 40,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Meghan for 6 months now. I love her makeup videos, but her cleaning and organizing videos are my absolute favorite! She posts tons of “cleaning routines” and they make me so motivated to get up and clean my house! 

     RachhLoves – 1,128,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Rachel for about 3 years now. I love her personality, and every single video she comes out with is appealing to me. She’s another one that I’ve never skipped a video because it didn’t sound interesting to me. She’s been doing a lot of hack testing videos and hauls lately, so if you like those you should definitely check her out. 

      Tess Christine – 2,085,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Tess for 7 years. Tess is the queen of fashion videos on YouTube. While I’m not that into fashion personally, I love her personality so much that I keep sticking around. If you’re into fashion, you NEED to check her out! 

     ThriftThick – 193,000 subscribers 

I’ve been subscribed to Cassie for about 9 months now, and I’ve seen almost every single one of her videos from the last 2 years. I love her reviews, her favorites and empties posts, and pretty much everything else she does. I appreciate so so much that fact that she’s just a normal girl, and she doesn’t have all of the glitz and glam that most beauty YouTubers have. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my current favorite beauty/lifestyle YouTubers! Let me know if you watch any of these girls, and let me know if you decide to check out any of their channels! Thanks for stopping by!! 

Products I’ve Used Up – November Empties!

I’m back with another empties post today talking about all of the things I used up during the month of November and giving my mini review on whether or not I would repurchase the product. I’m cutting November’s empties off early (normally I would let everything accumulate throughout the whole month and post the empties on the very last day of the month) because my empties post would be crazy long if I kept accumulating.


L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Waterproof Mascara

I absolutely loved this mascara, and it’s been my go-to summertime waterproof mascara for a long time. I wore this as a base mascara for my wedding day, and when I finished applying it I honestly didn’t even feel the need to layer any other mascaras on top of it. My lashes looked so long and perfect! I ended up not even needing to wear falsies.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

I finally scraped the last little bit of this concealer out of its tube and purchased another one. I love the coverage this gives both under my eyes and on any blemishes. The doe-foot applicator makes it so quick and convenient in the morning to apply my concealer. I definitely recommend this one if you haven’t tried it.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

This is my holy grail foundation! I love the staying power on my oily skin, the coverage that it has, and the way that it wears throughout the day. This is the foundation that I always end up coming back to.

Softlips Vanilla Cube Lip Balm

I loved the scent of this lip balm, and the thin texture of it was absolutely amazing to put on before I started doing my makeup every morning. This lip balm actually took me forever to use up because once I wore down the dome shape, the entire pot at the bottom was filled with product too! This lasts forever, and I’ll totally repurchase as soon as I use up some more lip balms.


Marc Anthony Argan Oil Conditioning Treatment

I was so sad to finish up this conditioning treatment that I got in my September ipsy. I really loved the smell of this, and this absolutely made my hair the softest it’s ever been. I’ve been looking all over for another bottle of the deep conditioning treatment, but so far all I can find are foil packets. But I’m definitely planning on purchasing this stuff as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Hairgurt Strawberry Banana Hair Masque

Another product I was super sad to finish was this Hairgurt hair masque that I got in my  September BoxyCharm. My hair responds really well to deep conditioning treatments, and this product was no exception.


Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser

This bottle of Morning Burst took me so long to use up! This used to be my holy grail face wash for years and years, but I’ve come to the conclusion recently that this stuff is actually just “okay”. I feel like it’s such a basic cleanser and doesn’t really do anything for your skin. I’ve switched over to a Simple cleanser, and I’m liking it a lot more than I ever liked this Clean & Clear one. (The Morning Burst cleanser is rated 1 star on Paula’s Choice due to the ingredients while the Simple cleanser is rated 5 stars, so it’s a lot better for my skin anyway).

Clarisea Charcoal Exfoliant 

This was a loose charcoal powder that you can add to face or body wash to add some exfoliant. My hubby absolutely loved this stuff! He likes super harsh exfoliators and I like regular facial cleansers, so this was a perfect compromise for us because I’m able to buy the cleanser I want and he can just add this in.

Bonvivant Botanical Masks

I used two out of the three face masks that I received in my November ipsy bag. I thought these are about the same as any other sheet mask I’ve ever tried, nothing too special in my opinion.


 Chesapeake Bay Candle “Pumpkin Spice” 

I mentioned this candle in my October favorites, and I really loved the pumpkin scent this had. I wouldn’t say this is a candle that fills the room with scent, but I really liked that it wasn’t strong enough to give me a headache. I got this candle from Target on clearance for $6!

Bath & Body Works Honolulu Sun Hand Sanitizer 

I finally finished up the last of my back stock of hand sanitizers. Now that I don’t have anymore in the old packaging, I definitely need to take a trip to Bath & Body Works to pick up some more sanitizer.

Avène Thermal Spring Water 

I finished up this spray water, and I actually really enjoyed this product. It was super nice to keep in my makeup bag for wetting my eyeshadow brush when I wanted to foil an eyeshadow.

Bath & Body Works Suncrisp Apple Harvest Shower Gel 

This was a scent from fall 2015 that I finally finished up this fall! I love apple scents, and Bath & Body Works makes the best shower gel in the world! I’ve already got a different scent in my shower now.

That’s all I’ve got for this month! I hope you enjoyed this monthly empties post! I’ll see you next time!

Ipsy Unboxing – November 2016

I’ve got my November ipsy unboxing for you today, and I’ve got to admit, I’m  a little bit underwhelmed with the samples this month. One of my besties recently signed up for ipsy, and we’ve been loving comparing our bags with each other. She said that she was pretty underwhelmed with this month as well, so be sure to let me know what you thought of your November ipsy! Let’s get into my samples! 

This month’s bag is a super cute galaxy print. I received the gold one (they also shipped out a silver one) and I love the padded kinda squishy feel that this bag has. This is a definite keeper for me. 

The first sample this month is Ciaté London’s Liquid Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade “Diva”. While I’m always excited to receive a liquid matte lipstick, I really don’t wear red lips very often at all. I much would’ve preferred a neutral shade instead, so I’ll probably be passing this on. 

Next up is the Formula X nail polish in the shade “Huntress”. This is a super dark almost black shade with a slight green and gold shift (yeah I know this picture of it kinda sucks and it just looks black. What can ya do? Lol). I think this would be beautiful during Halloween time, but since that’s already past us, I’m probably not going to wear this anytime soon. 

I was so excited to see the Tarte Maracuja Oil in this month’s bag! I’m definitely planning on using this as a moisturizer or on the split ends of my hair. This oil has amazing reviews online and I’m excited to try it out. 

Next I have these Bonvivant face masks. The pink one is for moisture, the blue is for pores, and the green is for nutrition. I’m really happy that they included three of them instead of just one, and I think if subscription boxes are going to include one-time-use masks, this is the way they should do it. 

The last sample this month is TheBalm’s Mad Lash mascara. I love trying out new mascaras, and after using it this morning, I’m happy to report that it’s crazy lengthening and makes my lashes look so beautiful and natural! 

That’s it for this month’s ipsy! What did you get in yours? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! 

Anti-Haul – Products I’m Not Going to Buy 

Today we’re going to be doing an anti-haul talking about all of the super hyped up products that I’m not going to buy. I’ve been seeing this idea floating around YouTube a lot lately, and I thought it was an interesting concept since YouTube hypes a lot of makeup, and a lot of people buy most of the products beauty gurus recommend. Of course these are just my personal opinions, and if you own anything I’m going to talk about here and love it, more power to you. These are just things that I personally don’t want or need to spend my money on!

Lorac Palettes

Now maybe this is just me, but I feel like I own about 5 neutral eyeshadow palettes too many. After purchasing Naked palettes and Chocolate Bar palettes and Tartelette palettes, etc., I don’t feel like I really need to run out and buy the Lorac palettes. They have the Lorac Pro, Lorac Pro 2, Lorac Pro 3, Lorac Unzipped, Lorac Pro Matte, Lorac Unzipped Gold, Lorac Mega Pro, the list goes on and on. Is the eyeshadow crazy amazing quality that you won’t find anywhere else? Am I missing out big time? Who knows, but I’ve never been interested enough to spend the money and find out.

Bare Minerals Makeup

I’ve personally never been interested in mineral makeup, and to be completely honest I haven’t ever really heard anyone on YouTube hype up the brand or mention that any of the products are all that good. Bare Minerals has always been a brand that I kind of just pass over.

Anastasia Glow Kit or Becca Highlighers

I’m not that into the highlighter trend (probably because I have crazy oily skin and the thought of looking shiny on purpose really weirds me out) so I don’t feel any kind of desire to run out and drop a bunch of money on highlighters. Again, this is totally personal preference, but I really feel like the highlight trend is going to die out and a bunch of people are going to be left with a lot of very expensive shimmery powders.

High End Liners

I don’t care if it’s Kat Von D, Tarte, Stila, or Urban Decay; I’m never going to purchase a high-end eyeliner. It varies on where you find your source from, but the general consensus is that you shouldn’t keep a liquid liner for longer than 6 months. I personally don’t have any interest in spending over $20 two times a year on eyeliner (especially because I don’t even wear liquid liner every day and my eyelashes cover up the liner anyway!). I’ll stick to my Maybelline and L’oreal liquid liners and spend the extra money on a makeup product I actually enjoy applying.

“Specialty Palettes” ie. YouTube Collaborations and Holiday Palettes

In my personal experience from searching reviews and swatches both on YouTube and online in general, any kind of special edition or limited edition eyeshadow palette is just kind of…crappy. This isn’t the case every single time, but more often than not, limited edition eyeshadow palettes are WAY less pigmented and WAY worse quality than eyeshadow palettes from the permanent line. I don’t know if it has to do with the rush to get them out or what the problem is, but almost every YouTuber collaboration palette has terrible reviews, and almost every holiday palette is just as bad.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

This goes back to personal preference, but I really hate the way that pink/red/copper/orange/rose gold eyeshadow colors look on me. I typically stick to very cool toned shades, and because of that, I’m never going to buy the Naked 3 or Modern Renaissance palettes.

Glam Glow Face Masks

Skincare is defiantly very low on my priority list, and I would never, ever spend any kind of money on Glam Glow (or any other expensive) face masks. These products are super hyped up right now, but I personally have never been the biggest fan of face masks anyway.

Drugstore Eyeshadow Trio’s, Quad’s, Palettes. 

I’ve used so many different drugstore eyeshadows over the years, and I’ve ended up getting rid of every single trio, quad, palette, etc. I always get better looks out of high end shadows, and I already own tons of high end palettes, so it’s honestly kind of a waste of money to keep buying drugstore shadows.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about a few products that I’m not going to buy. What are some hyped up things that you know you’re never going to purchase? Thanks for stopping by!