Products I Used Up – Massive October Empties! 

It’s time for another monthly empties!!! I don’t quite know how I managed to use up so many things during the month of October, but I have a huge empties post today. These monthly empties posts keep me so motivated to use up products throughout the month, and I’m honestly shocked at how many things I’ve used since starting this series on my blog. 

Enough chitchat, let’s get into my trash for the month. 😉


My first empty this month is my Chapstick Total Hydration Vanilla lip balm. I noticed that this had a weird exfoliating texture, almost like sugar granules. I don’t know if it’s formulated that way, or if I just got a dud. Would I repurchase? I hated the exfoliating rough texture, so no I’m not going to buy this again. 

Next is my Clinique Advanced Concealer in the shade “01 Matte Light”. This is seriously the most pigmented concealer ever (even more so than the Kay Von D concealer!). This stuff could cover the biggest, reddest, nastiest zit in the world with no problem. Will I repurchase this? Although I loved this stuff back in high school, I don’t think I’ll buy it again just because of the oxidization that it has. But if you need serious coverage, this is your guy. 

If you follow me on Instagram (which if you don’t, what the heck are you doing?! It’s at DisneyWifeBlog, go follow right now!) you’ll have seen that I finished my Revlon Colorstay foundation a couple weeks ago. Will I repurchase? I’m definitely planning on picking this stuff up again, it’s one of my faves! 

I mentioned this L’oreal Miss Manga mascara in my September favorites post, and I already went out and got a new tube of it because I used it so much during September and October. I’m loving this mascara so much right now! 

I finally decided to toss my L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. I’ve had this tube for way longer than I should, and it’s finally starting to dry out on me. Will I repurchase? I’m definitely picking this up on my next makeup shopping trip, this is my holy grail drugstore mascara. 


I’m mentioning these two products together super quickly because I used these exact two skincare items up last month, and I featured them in September’s empties post. Birchbox sent me a leaked box during September, so I received a replacement box which means I’ve now used up two of these same samples. If you want to hear my thoughts and whether I’d purchase these, go read my September empties so that I’m not repeating myself here! 

Next I have this Naked Advanced Aloe Cream, and I used this to moisturize my face (even though I think it’s meant for your body, oops!). Would I buy the full size? This actually smelled pretty rank, so I definitely wouldn’t buy it. Also, I’m getting really sick of moisturizer samples. I feel like they’re all I talk about! Lol 🙄

Lastly for skincare, I have a clay cleanser from Borghese. I actually really loved this stuff, and I stretched this little tube out for as long as I possibly could. Would I buy the full size? Yes I absolutely would! This cleanser smells amazing and left my skin feeling super clean and soft. 


My first haircare item is a foil packet I’ve been holding onto for an embarrassingly long amount of time. I finally used this Giovanni Ultra-Sleek Touch-Up hair towelette. While the keratin and argan oil left my hair soft and shiny (and smelled amazing), I actually had to spray some dry shampoo on top of this because it made my hair look greasy. Would I buy this? I think this would be a great night time hair mask, but I wouldn’t use this as a touch up product during the daytime. 

Next up is my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner. This smells like coconuts and left my hair super soft, but I honestly don’t think it’s any better than their normal Moist conditioner. Would I repurchase this? I’ll probably just buy their normal conditioner next time.  


I’m so proud to say that I actually finished up a couple of lotions! First up I have this Mary Kay lotion, and this scent reminds me so much of Christmas! Would I repurchase? I like the Bath & Body Works lotion formula a lot better, so no I probably wouldnt. 

Speaking of B&BW, I loved this Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte lotion. I got this as a freebie, and I would totally buy the full size next year. 


We finished our massive bag of cotton balls this month. Would I repurchase? I’m actually preferring cotton rounds to cotton balls lately, so no I won’t buy these again for a while. 

This was another one of those samples that I held onto forever and finally used this month! This is called Hiker’s Foot Healer, and it’s basically an extremely thick foot cream. Would I buy the full size? While I loved the peppermint lemon scent and this felt really good on my feet, I don’t really need such an intense moisturizer. 

I used up this 100 point perk from Sephora; the Beauty Blender liquid cleanser. I hated this stuff! I didn’t feel like it cleaned my brushes or Beauty Blender any better than my normal brush cleaning routine, and I can’t believe this costs so much money for what it is! Would I buy this? Absolutely not! 


I’m shocked that I finished 3 candles this month!!! The first one was a freebie from Bath & Body Works, and it was this cute mini Purrfect Pumpkin candle. This was your basic cinnamon pumpkin scent, and it lasted me about 4 hours of burning. Would I buy this? I already purchased a full size pumpkin scent from B&BW this year. (Can we take a second to acknowledge the fact that this teeny candle is $4.50 and you can spend like a buck more than that for a huge jar Candle from Walmart?!?! Crazy!!) 

I didn’t quite get to finish this candle, but the wick tipped over before I could burn it all the way down. This is the Vanilla candle from Mainstays (Walmart’s brand) and I actually loved this candle! (I even featured it in last month’s favorites). Will I buy this again? I’m planning on picking up 2 or 3 of these the next time I go to Walmart! 

Last but not least for this crazy long empties, I have this awesome woodwick candle in the scent “Vanilla Cedarwood”. This smelled exactly like Marshmallow Fireside (my all time fave) from B&BW, but it had the crackle sound of a woodwick. So basically it was the best candle ever. Will I buy this again? I’m planning on grabbing another one of these asap. (I found mine at Smith’s, so check your local Smith’s or Kroger for this brand if you’re interested. I got mine for $6 and it lasted weeks of non-stop burning!) 

That’s all for my October empties! I hope you enjoyed! What was your favorite thing you used up during the month of October? Let me know in a comment. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! 


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