Ipsy Unboxing – October 2016 

Today I’ve got my October Ipsy bag to share with you! It feels so weird showing this without having Birchbox next to it. I’m so freaking excited about this month’s bag, and (spoiler) I think I’m actually going to end up using everything in here! *Go follow me on Instagram for the latest! @DisneyWifeBlog*

I’m going to be rating each item out of five stars.     1 star: Not excited about the product, I’m going to pass it on to someone else.     2 stars: Not excited about the product, but I’m going to try it out anyway.     3 stars: Not disappointed about the product, but not excited about it either.     4 stars: Excited to try the product, will definitely use and keep it.     5 stars: I could kiss the person at ipsy that sent this product to me. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the bag!

Ipsy’s October theme is Black Magic. This month’s bag was designed in collaboration with Valfré, and the Halloween theming is so cute! Ipsy doesn’t normally theme their bags around the holidays, so I was so excited to see that they decided to do a Halloween print this year. The bag gets 5 stars from me.

The first sample this month is a leave in conditioner spray from Pure Brazilian. According to ipsy’s website, this is supposed to “cut down on frizz and repair damage and split ends” as well as “restore keratin proteins”. It’s infused with “Bulgarian rose water, bombyx silk, quartz and crushed pink sea pearls”. I’m super excited to try this stuff out! I think this might be my favorite product in this month’s bag! 5 stars from me.

Next is theBalm’s Hot Mamma blush, which I’m thrilled to have a sample of because it’s been on my wish list forever! 5 stars! 

Next up we have a liquid liner from the brand Ciaté London. Ipsy’s website says this is a “long-lasting budge-proof formula that glides on, even on top of eyeshadows”. I have several liquid liners ahead of this one, but I’m sure I’ll be happy I have it when its time rolls around. This gets 5 stars from me (am I the only one that appreciates when subscription boxes include normal, plain black eyeliners? I hate getting colored liners because I never use them! At least if they send me a black one I know it’ll eventually get used up).

This is a matte lip crayon from Tre’StiQue in the shade “Florence Fig”. I’ve received quite a few things from this brand in the past, but I’m excited to see how their lip crayon wears. I’m also super happy that I got this natural pink color instead of the bold wine shade that they were sending out. 5 stars because I know this is something I’ll actually be able to wear to work.

Finally we have this nail polish from JoShik. According to ipsy, this nail polish “dries in minutes and lasts for days without chipping”, has an “easy to use brush that lets us get closer to the edges of our nails”, and has a “glossy sheen that will catch light and eyes”. This nail polish gets 4 stars from me because I’m not all that into purple polish, but I’m digging this color for Halloween/fall (plus it’s full sized).

Final tally:  29/30 stars 

I can’t believe Ipsy had an almost perfect run this month! I’m so excited to try out everything that they sent me (which hardly ever happens. I’m in shock that there wasn’t a single dud this month!)

Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I got in this month’s ipsy! I’m also going to be unboxing BoxyCharm later this month, so follow my blog and stay tuned for that post!


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