Tartan + Twine Double Zip Train Case Review (The Best Makeup Bag Ever)

I’m going to do a super quick review post talking about one of my favorite things of the moment, my makeup bag. I got this Train Case bag from Ulta a couple months back, and since I’ve been loving it so much, I thought I’d share some pictures and a breakdown of it in case you’re looking for a new makeup bag yourself!

I keep my everyday makeup in a makeup bag and I like to sit in bed to do my makeup in the mornings, so it’s really important for me to have a bag that’s big enough to hold not only all of my makeup, but all of my brushes and tools as well.

I love the size of this bag, and the two separate pockets makes it so easy to keep my brushes from getting smashed or dirty. Taking a look at the top zippered pocket here, you can see that there’s a mesh pocket on top and brush slots on the bottom.

I like to keep a headband to pull my hair back in the mesh zipper pocket, and then of course I keep my makeup brushes in the brush compartments. I love that it has the elastic strap to hold and brushes that don’t fit in the brush compartments, and I love the plastic film that keeps the rest of the top compartment from getting dirty!

And moving on to the main compartment of the bag, you can see that it’s huge (and dirty, my bad). You can fit so much stuff in here! The main reason I chose this bag is because I can fit my Naked palette or my Chocolate Bar palette in here with no problem (it’s been a struggle to find a makeup bag that will fit my bugger palettes). This is going to be such an awesome makeup bag for traveling, because it’ll fit all of my makeup and toiletries easily.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my makeup bag! Thanks for stopping by!


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