How I Clean My Makeup Brushes 

I’ve tried a lot of different brush cleaning methods over the years, and some have definitely been better than others. But lately I’ve been noticing how soft and “new feeling” my brushes have been, and the only thing I’ve been doing differently is my cleaning method. Today I’m going to share with you how I’ve been cleaning my makeup brushes! 

Let’s go back to the very, very beginning of my brush cleaning days. I purchased the Elf Brush Shampoo and the Elf Daily Brush Cleanser, and I kind of used them hit or miss (and by this I mean I hardly ever cleaned my brushes).

 I ended up using the spray to spray down my brushes and then wipe them onto a clean hand towel until they were “clean” (they weren’t really clean at all…thankfully I know better now). I hardly ever used the brush shampoo, but when I did, I would pour a tiny bit of it into a clean cup with some warm water, and swirl the brush around and then use a clean hand towel to scrub the brushes “clean” (again, still not really all that clean). 

So when I finally decided that wasn’t cleaning my brushes very well, I opted for Bath and Body Works Foaming Hand Soap to clean my brushes with. 

I’ve got to admit, this stuff actually did work pretty well. I would fill my sink with warm water and a few pumps of the hand soap and scrub my brushes on my hand, and then (much more gently than I used to) wipe them around on a hand towel to scrub them clean. 

So what do I do differently now? Well it all started with my Beauty Blender Solid cleaner. This was the only thing that could keep my Beauty Blender clean! 

I finally realized that I was paying way too much money for essentially just a bar of soap, so I went out and got a Dove bar soap. 

I run my sink with warm water and get the bar of soap wet. 

Then, I take my makeup brush and swirl it around on the actual bar of soap

I rinse off all of the makeup from the soap and rinse the brush in the sink 

and swirl the brush onto a microfiber cloth to get any of the deep down makeup off and also help dry the brush a little bit. 

 I repeat the same steps until I don’t have any more makeup showing on the bar of soap. It’s that easy!! 

My brushes are so clean that I can even see deep down in the bristles that there isn’t any makeup clogged in there where there used to be. My concealer brush feels like I bought a brand new one every time I’ve cleaned my brushes using this method! 

Here’s my blush brush before being cleaned

And here’s my blush brush after being cleaned

I highly recommend cleaning your brushes with a bar of soap! Let me know what your favorite makeup brush cleaning method is. Thanks for stopping by! 


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