Birchbox vs. Ipsy – September 2016

We’re back with another Birchbox vs. Ipsy! If you’re new here, both are $10 monthly beauty subscription services that offer 5 deluxe sized samples and a collectible box/bag. This month’s themes are: Ipsy: Glamazon – Birchbox: Birthday Box.
In case you’re unfamiliar with my subscription battles, I like to rate my samples on two point scales.

First impression points: Each item has a potential to get 1 point (including the box/bag that everything comes in). These points are awarded to products I’m keeping, anything I’d be willing to toss doesn’t get a point. Total of 6 points possible for the month.
Product stars: Each item (and the bag/box) can get 1-5 stars depending on how impressed I am with the quality of the items after trying them out several times. Total of 30 stars possible for the month.
Let’s get into it!


I’m actually really loving this month’s Ipsy bag! The gold is super pretty and the gray is very shiny and sparkly. 1 first impression point, 5 stars. 

This month’s first product is the Eva NYC Dry Conditioner spray. I’ve never heard of a dry conditioner, so I was super intrigued by this product. This stuff smells incredible and makes my hair so, so soft. 1 first impression point, 5 stars. 

Next up is this Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick in the shade “Rose”. I think this is going to be beautiful for fall, and the teeny baby lipstick is so stinkin cute! 1 first impression point, 5 stars. 

Next we have the IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara sample. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this mascara, and I’m sooooo excited that I received a sample of it! 1 first impression point, 5 stars. 

Next up is this tiny Sensative+ BB Cream sample (in the shade fair which is a pretty good match for me. Thanks Ipsy for actually checking my profile to see what color my skin tone is!) 1 first impression point, 3 stars. I don’t typically love the coverage I get from BB creams, otherwise this probably would’ve gotten a higher rating.

And just when I thought Ipsy was going to get a perfect streak this month, I pulled out this little guy. This is the Naked Advanced Aloe Cream. While I can appreciate a moisturizer with more natural ingredients, this doesn’t smell the greatest and I have a million moisturizer samples (thanks to Birchbox) already. No first impression point, 1 star. 


This month’s box is so cute! Unfortunately, I can only keep the top of the box, because the rest of it looks like this:

I had a huge spill that soaked all the way through the box and stained the inside, the bottom, and the side of my box. I’ll keep the top, but I have no choice but the throw the rest of it away. 1/2 of a first impression point (since I can only keep half the box) and 4 stars (the only reason it gets 4 is because the top of the box has been my favorite in a long time.

After wiping off all of my samples, the first one I pulled out was the one that had leaked all over my box. This is the Beauty Protector Blonde Toning Shampoo. WHY THE HELL WASN’T A PRODUCT WITH A POP TOP LIKE THIS SEALED?! Does plastic wrap really cost that much Birchbox? No first impression point and 1 star because I don’t even have blonde hair and have no need for a toning shampoo (also I’m pissed that this messed up my whole box).

Next is this Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Conditioner. No where on my beauty profile does it say I have blonde hair or that I dye my hair. Why am I receiving purple shampoo and conditioner?! No first impression point, 1 star. There’s no way I’m going to stain my bathtub purple with this crap. 😒

This is the Air Patrol Moisturizer (and I can tell just by looking at the bottle with some back light that this is barely half full ugh!) it’s supposed to be an age defying moisturizer. I’m about 15 years off from needing anti-aging products of any kind. No first impression point, 2 stars because it doesn’t smell too terrible and I’ll get through the sample in 2-3 uses. But does Birchbox even read the beauty profile that they supposedly match your samples to? They should know how old I am, right??

Now we have yet another cleanser, this is the Dr. Brandt Pores No More cleanser. 1 first impression point because I’ll use it, 3 stars since I’m not too thrilled to be receiving yet another skincare sample (but I guess I should be used to it by now since I get a cleanser or moisturizer just about every month).

And finally we have the Milk Makeup Lip+Cheek Blush Stick. I wasn’t too thrilled about receiving a cream blush since I don’t typically reach for cream products, but this is pretty much the only semi-exciting thing in this month’s box so 1 first impression point, 4 stars. 

Not gonna lie, I’m super disappointed with Birchbox this month. One makeup sample, (that I’m not too stoked about to begin with) and then more shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and moisturizer samples. Honestly, how many skincare and shampditioner samples can you get before you’re burned out on it? I can’t remember the last box I received that didn’t have at least one of those 4 types of products in it. Not to mention the fact that they included two products for blonde dyed hair (which I don’t even have!)
Final tally:

Ipsy: 5 first impression points – 24/30 stars

Birchbox: 2.5 first impression points – 15/30 stars

So obviously Ipsy is this month’s winner! (And my Birchbox subscription might not be continuing next year. I’ve been really disappointed with them 4 months in a row now.)
Thank you so much for stopping by! Let me know if you got any of the same products as me in your Birchbox or Ipsy! Until next time!!


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