August Favorites 

I’ve got a super exciting August favorites post for you all today! I’ve discovered a bunch of new stuff in the last month and I’m stoked to tell you guys all about everything I’ve been loving. Let’s dive on in!

My first favorite this month is this adorable new makeup bag. This is the Tartan + Twine Train Case makeup bag (I got mine at Ulta for $25) and I love that it has two separate pockets and tons of room for all of my makeup goodies (full review post to come).

My next favorite has been the Too Faced Hangover RX Primer. I got this sample in an Ipsy and I’ve been loving the coconut scent as well as the lotion-like feel as opposed to the typical silicone feel that most primers have.

I purchased this Too Faced blush this month in the shade “Baby Love” and I’m obsessed with it. Crazy pigmentation, beautiful subtle shimmer, and all day lasting power. Need I say more? (I’ve got a whole post on this comparing it to another popular blush in a similar color coming very soon!)

I’ve rediscovered my Naked 2 palette this month! I decided to do a little challenge where I only wore shimmery eyeshadow for a whole week (coming from a girl who only wears matte neutral eyeshadow, this was a much needed “branch out” for me) and my Naked 2 palette is the only palette I own with a range of shimmery colors. It was so nice to try something out of the ordinary, and Urban Decay has such a beautiful eyeshadow formula.

My next favorite is the ELF Flat Eyeliner Brush, or more specifically, using eyeshadow as eyeliner. I’ve been loving the soft, smokey look that eyeshadow liner gives me.

If you’ve seen any of my posts in the last month, you were probably expecting this one. This is my Delectable Lemon & Cream Hand Cream and it smells like heaven. I also love that it’s non-greasy and absorbs super quickly.

This one may seem kinda strange, but stay with me here. This is the Old Spice Wolfthorn Deodorant (yes, for men). This smells like Koolaide and works 1000000 times better than any women’s deodorant I’ve ever tried. It has been an absolute miracle during the end of summer heat (don’t knock it till you try it ladies).

I’ve been obsessed with hair oils this month! I cut my hair at the beginning of August to get rid of all of my split ends, and I’ve been putting oil on my freshly chopped ends right out of the shower to try to help prevent split ends from happening again. I’ve noticed that my hair has been super soft since I started slathering on the oil (no matter which of these oils I use, I’ve honestly been getting the same results).

I’ve been loving my Contigo water bottle (I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $15) and it’s definitely been the main reason I’ve been staying so hydrated and keeping up with my water drinking goals. (I did a whole post on how to drink more water that you can check out right here!)

My last favorite for this month has been candles. I’ve been burning through all kinds of brands and scents this past month, and it’s been an awesome way to keep my apartment smelling nice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favorites this month! Let me know what you’ve been loving in a comment, and thank you for stopping by!

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “August Favorites 

    1. tayfair Post author

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I highly recommend getting a sample of it from Sephora, it’s been totally different from any other primers I’ve tried as well!



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