My Favorite Leggings for Fall and Winter 

Let me start by saying: 1. This post is not sponsored in any way. 2. I wear leggings every single day during the fall and winter (which probably makes me an expert on leggings at this point). 3. I don’t like paying a lot of money for my leggings. All that aside, today I’m going to talk about my favorite leggings for fall and winter, where I buy them, and how I get them on sale. Let’s get into it!

My favorite leggings of all time are the Minicci Seamless Twill Leggings, which you can find at Payless (yes the shoe store). They’re normally $19.99, but Payless has 30% off and Buy One Get One 50% off sales all the time (I worked there for almost a year, so I should know). Combined with the 20% off coupons they email you, I’m usually able to get one pair for about $8. Because I do wear them every day (rotating between a few different pairs of course) I find that I have to buy new ones about every month and a half (you can get away with longer if you’ve got a thigh gap, lord knows my legs rub when I walk though lol). Because I only have 2 Payless locations near me (and Payless doesn’t ship store to store), I’ve bought out all of the leggings in my size in my city, and these ones can’t be ordered online (so basically, I’m going to have to branch out soon because Payless hardly ever restocks their leggings). But I’m telling you guys, these leggings rock. Here’s why:

As far as inexpensive leggings go, it’s really hard to find a pair that doesn’t show your underwear when they stretch over your butt. I’m not talking underwear lines, I’m talking actually being able to see what color you put on that morning. I love the Minicci leggings because they’re twill, which makes them nice and thick and neon pink underwear safe.

They’re also awesome because they’re extremely durable. They last way longer than the cotton leggings I get from Ross. I love the feel of the material too, they don’t feel like spandex, they’re nice and stretchy while still being soft.

They also do awesome in the washer and dryer and they never get fuzzies or hairs stuck all over them like most other leggings do.

I also want to mention that Payless has a killer return policy. These leggings come in packages, and Payless obviously doesn’t have a fitting room for you to try them on. However, if they end up not fitting, you can return them no questions asked (opened or ripped packaging and all) as long as you have the receipt.

All in all, these leggings are the bomb dot com. I highly recommend them if you’re a frequent leggings wearer like I am. Let me know what your holy grail leggings are in a comment (I’m always on the hunt for more). Thank you so much for stopping by!

Until next time.


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